has ratings and 80 reviews. Dan said: Yet another great read from a great series. re-read: In this novel, we get to meet, and absorb new. Having read 20th century history books of the period, he has become determined to rescue Galileo from his trial for heresy. The Americans are divided on. The Galileo Affair. The Epic Struggle of Freedom and Justice Against the Tyrannies of the 17th Century Continues, as European Cunning Meets American .

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The Eastern Front The Wars for the Rhine Even tho I skimmed sections of the story, I enjoyed it! While the adults teach medicine the Stoner children hear about Galileo being imprisoned and make plans for a big jailbreak. Preview — by Eric Flint. Most of story however focus on the kids who get involved with an attempt to galilo Galileo.

Stearns also sends Tom Stone and his family to assist with the production of pharmaceuticals, Sharon Nichols to aid in medical education and to give her something useful to do while she is grieving over Hans Richter’s death inand Ernst Mauer to advise on public sanitation.

It confines itself to one main plotline with associated subplots, and although it has a fair number of PoV characters they’re all associated galioeo the same plotline. This is my re-reading of this book.

I could read a couple of pages before zoning out, and then set the book aside for weeks at a time. So, I won’t be picking up any other books orfor that matter.


Please select region, state or province. But a Venetian artisan involved with the West Virginians may cause all their plans to come to naught. Most of this one takes place in Venice ofwith characters from modern Grantville in the U. The Ram Rebellion Here’s the basics of this crazy sci-fi concept: A Parcel of Rogues The affaor is marred, however, galoleo a jarring focus, and re-focus, and re-focus, and Michael Stearns selects Lawrence Mazzare to lead the delegation to Venice because of his current fame or notoriety among Catholics.

Feb 07, Chris added it.

That is the reason I think most people are disappointe This is one of numerous spin-offs from Eric Flint’s brilliant and I liked it and I would read it again. Two years latet, the have made both enemies and allies as the Thirty-Years War is in full swing.

It’s been on my currently-reading list for as long as I’ve been on GoodReads, and I started it well before that. In the widely sprawling fictional universe conceived by the bookwe have now reached Venice and the catholic church.

The Galileo Affair (Assiti Shards, #3) by Eric Flint

And who can resist an impish pope? The ones who aren’t Frank are especially dumb because they seem to have galielo actually motivating their stupid actions. The dynamics within the Catholic church and among the various people of Venice is very interesting.


Love, marriage and betrayal, not necessarily involving the same individuals, and a healthy serving of revolutionary propaganda. I ended up with 2 to differentiate it from other books in the series. Go to Cart Keep Shopping.

I finally finished this book after several false starts. Paperbackpages. And, most important, they hope to establish private diplomatic ties with the Vatican, exploiting Pope Urban VIII’s misgivings about the actions of Richelieu and the Hapsburgs.

I figure the next few books in the series will likewise focus on small away missions, I hope more succesfully than this one.

The democratic ideals of the CPE have aroused the implacable hostility of Cardinal Richelieu, effective ruler of France, who has moved behind the scenes, making common cause with old enemies to stop galiloe new threat to the privileged and powerful. ga,ileo

1634: The Galileo Affair

After slogging through There is pre-matital sex but if you have read the previous novels you already know this. I liked it a lot but it’s not as good as the previous two books. The weak characters are given the spotlight in this one, and the whole book plays out as an “away game” with occaisional cut-away scenes back in Grantville.