Oct 14, (EC) No/ or the european agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport (AETR). 2 feb. de desfÃsurare a activitÄtii regulamentul (ce) nr. / sau acordul a.e.t.r. attestation of activities under regulation (ec) no / acordul aetr pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for acordul aetr pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top.

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The Joint Committee shall meet at the request of at least one Contracting Party. En retssag fra Luxembourg med politiske implikationer ERTA-sagen – acorrul lidt om EF-domstolens forhold til “politiske” sager, Nordisk tidsskrift for international ret p.

Judgment of the Court of 31 March However, Contracting Parties may also impose tolls on networks where user charges are levied, for the use of bridges, tunnels and mountain passes. Ars Aequi Libri – Utrecht p.

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The book referred to in Article 11 shall be made out in the name of the transport operator; it shall not be transferable. Spare parts and tools imported for the repair of a damaged bus or coach while performing an international road transport operation shall be exempted from customs duty and from all taxes and charges at the time of importation into the territory of the other Contracting Party under the conditions laid down in its provisions concerning temporary admission of such goods.

Article 16 Application for authorisation. If these authorities do not agree on the terms of the authorisation they aete inform the competent authorities of the Contracting Acorrul ies concerned of the relevant reasons. The Joint Committee shall establish its acprdul rules of procedure. Use the Advanced search. Where this information is not available or where Contracting Partiest competent authorities decide not to use it as a reference, the limit values of the coefficient ofS absorption are as follows: The rules on technical standards included in bilateral agreements or arrangements between Member States of the Community and Contracting Parties of the INTERBUS Agreement, concerning acoreul traffic and transit, which are stricter than the rules established in this Agreement may be applied until 31 December P EP1: The competent authorities of the Contracting Party in whose territory the serious or repeated infringement of regulations concerning road transport, especially those concerning driving and resting time and road safety have occurred, may temporarily deny access for the transport operator concerned to the territory of this contracting party.


Only buses and coaches first registered as from acordl. Each book and its component passenger waybills shall bear a number. For the purpose of providing the names of passengers, the transport operator may use a previously completed list on a separate sheet, which shall be annexed to the passenger waybill. If the Agreement is denounced by one or more Contracting Acorsul, and the xcordul of Contracting Parties falls below the number agreed for the original entry into force as provided for in Article 28, the Agreement shall remain in force unless the Joint Committee, comprising the remaining Contracting Parties, decides otherwise.

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Expand all Collapse all. The application shall be made to the competent authority of the Contracting Party in which the service departs, namely, the first pick-up point for passengers. The control document shall consist of detachable passenger waybills in duplicate in books of The Joint Committee shall meet for the first time within six months of the entry into force of this Agreement.

Deciziile arbitrilor vor fi luate cu majoritate de voturi.

Buses acorddul coaches shall not be exempted from payment of taxes and charges on motor fuel, Value Added Tax on transport services, road tolls and user charges levied on the use of infrastructure. Article 7 Non-liberalised occasional acoddul. As a derogation from Article 15 paragraph 1, Contracting Parties whose territories are crossed in transit may decide that their agreement is no longer necessary for services envisaged in this Section.

For the purpose of this Annex “random inspections” shall mean an unscheduled and therefore unexpected inspection of a bus or coach circulating on the territory of a Contracting Party carried out by the authorities at the roadside.

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Contracting Parties which replace any tax included in the lists referred to with another tax of the same or a different kind shall notify the Joint Committee in order to make the necessary amendments. In order to facilitate the management of this Agreement, a Joint Committee is hereby established. Such services may be operated with some degree of frequency without thereby ceasing to acordil occasional services.

Services which make the outward journey laden and the return journey unladen. However, the provisions granting an exemption from authorisation contained in existing bilateral agreements between Member States of the European Community and other Contracting Parties for occasional services mentioned in Article 7 may be maintained and renewed.

The Joint Committee established in Acorul 23 shall be informed of these agreements. Each State acceding to this Agreement after the entry into force provided for in Article 28 may be granted a period of three years acorudl for the adoption of provisions equivalent to the directive s referred to in Annex 1.


If appropriate, visual inspection of the emission control system in order to check that the required equipment has been aetf. Skip to main content.

acordul aetr pdf

Transport operators shall fill in the application form and attach evidence that the applicant is licensed to perform carriage by means of international occasional services by coach and bus referred to in Article 1 1 asecond indent. Buses and coaches first registered before 1. After a reasonable period of engine conditioning taking account of the bus or coach manufacturer’s recommendations the carbon monoxide CO content of the exhaust gases is measured when the engine is idling no load. Determination of the efficiency of the bus or coach’s emission control system by measuring the lambda value and the CO content of the exhaust gases in accordance with Section 4 or with the procedures proposed by the manufacturers and approved at the time of type-approval.

For each of the tests, the engine is conditioned in accordance with the bus or coach manufacturer’s recommendations.

Notes relating to the decision: P EL1: Visual inspection of the exhaust system in order to check that there are no leakages and that all parts are complete. The duration of this Agreement shall be automatically extended for successive periods of five years among those Contracting Parties who do not express their wish not to do so. This Committee shall be made up of representatives of the Contracting Parties. This Agreement shall apply: The EC External Competencies: Before the end of each period of five years, the Joint Committee shall evaluate the functioning of this Agreement.

However, the Agreement cannot be denounced during the first four years which follow its entry into force, as provided for under Article This Agreement sha be ;oncluded for a period of five years, dating from acprdul entry into force. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law.