Duke of Sin (The Duke Trilogy) [Adele Ashworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vivian Rael–Lamont lives peacefully in the small town of. He is called the “Duke of Sin” a notorious rogue and recluse whose reputation is as black as the Cornish night. They speak of his conquests, his past, and his. Adele Ashworth’s Winter Garden is one of my favourite romance novels ever, it even came in in the top 5 (or thereabouts, I don’t have the list.

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I loved his character and the gentle and endearing way he cherished Vivian. I found myself flipping page after page desperate to see how this all played out and watch these characters figure out their feelings for each other. For while the duke is intrigued by the guarded, intoxicating lady who has invaded his solitude — and fully intends to discern her every secret through sweet, unhurried seduction — it is his own heart that will be imperiled when passion takes them farther than he ever intended.

Plus, I wasn’t too crazy about the ending of the romance itself, with a certain late revelation. They speak of his conquests, his past, and his mysteries in breathless whispers.

This book is the perfect example of what I could imagine as a torn hero, woe-begotten and feeling like the world is weighing heavily on his shoulders.

It must be a bit more substantial than that. Vivian has just told William that they can never be together and leaves him, never to see him again. At the age of six, as she watched one of the Apollo rockets take off on live Saturday-morning television, interrupting the most important TV shows of the decade—The Monkeys and Scooby-Doo—she decided she would become a diplomat.

I will add her to my list of authors to read. I love reading from Adele Ashworth, her books are always filled with characters that captivate the heart and with a tender love that develops between the two characters, that I find myself aching for the same kind of love.

Vivien Dael Lamont is a thirty five year old woman, who is legally seperated from her husband. The pace of the book could be faster in some places.


Duke of Sin

Jun 14, Netanella rated it it was amazing Shelves: All’s well, until someone dhke to reveal her married status and expose her to scandal—unless she can obtain an original, signed copy of a Shakespearian play, owned by none other than the reclusive and mysterious William Raleigh, Duke of Trent.

This is even more surprising when you consider that Vivian is a virgin. Very good suspense which I love in a romance and middle age characters. The mystery and the couple’s own individual history overshadowed the romance in this one. She is married to an addict who only cares for her money and himself.

But oh no, he was dead all along! Page – She pulled a handful of grass and flung it at him. And although their bond only grows stronger, they soon realise the adel of their relationship—a married woman of noble background cannot enter into an illicit affair with the Duke of Sin What’s the Name o So he sends a couple men after him, to follow him so that they can discover the mystery.

Now normally I would expect at least a chapter or two of going back and forth from hero to heroine showing how much they suffer, how miserable they are, how they dream of each other…. Although I gave it 9nly 5 stars, I did enjoy it.

They in turn get to tell their stories aswhorth they find the love that they never thought they could have, survive the trials and tribulations coming their way and still get to convince themselves-and their heroines-that their love is for real. The idea of law school seemed far less enjoyable after immersing herself in Victoria Holt at the age of twelve.

Will is what made this book so spectacular for me. All’s well, until someone threatens to reveal her married status and expose her to scandal Lists with This Book.

On to the next in the series Vivian Rael—Lamont lives peacefully in the small town of Penzance, Cornwall, where everybody believes her to be widowed, when in truth she left London unwilling to let her husband’s exploits taint her family name. No doubt there were some scenes and moments that really worked and kept me reading but after I finished the book, I felt generally un I was really hoping to love this book. So, in the end, what we had here was couple of likeable protagonists falling in love against a truly mediocre backdrop.


I find that journey to the happily ever after much more emotionally charged and so satisfying to read. Page – looked down at him as if seeing him for the first time.

Duke of Sin (Duke Trilogy, book 1) by Adele Ashworth

Posted by Ahsworth on Tuesday, February 08, Vivian is unexpectedly drawn to Raleigh, and, for the price of passion, he ends up joining her quest to catch the blackmailer, a discovery which only leads them to more danger.

Adele Budnick was born in Raleigh is the local recluse, having been acquitted of the murder of his wife y Loved this book! He decides to help her anyway he can ever if she does not ask for it.

The story was well written with good characters, but they weren’t a part of me. Thanks for telling us about the problem. ashworrth

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Please note, authors, repetit Have you ever read, oh, a Regency, where the heroine is reading a Horrid Novel? The interesting and unusual plot line, the atypical characters, and the tension between the Vivian ashwirth Will ashworty make this a novel I will remember fondly.

That list was actually pretty fun to make, and scarily long. We have ridiculously long and detailed descriptions of rooms, that I guess are meant to stand in for characterization, because they aren’t world-building and honestly there isn’t any characterization either.

Her husband is a opium user and she paid him alot of money so she could build a life for herself. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.