Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio is a play about a poor man named Mang Serapio who was accused of an irrational crime which led to his. The protagonist on the play “Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio” is a beggar by the name of Serapio. He is a member of a federation and was accused because of. The 50th anniversary staging of ‘Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio’ will make you think about the current justice system. And stress the hell out of.

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The Dalawang Tagabantay are the ones who are liable in handling Mang Serapio during the trials, to not escape. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The blinding of Mang Serapio symbolizes how powerful those people with higher stands than the beggar. Paul Dumol’s masterpiece is staged at The Ruins in Poblacion.

Once the authorities are alerted of this, they subject Serapio to a mock trial which leads to his blinding with ice picks. Select gender Male Female. It happens that Serapio is a beggar and a lot of people are more powerful than him.

This play has been staged by countless theatre organizations already. However, probably one thing has been constant in each of them since it was instilled in the text itself — that Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio is a tragedy.

He is a member of a federation and was accused because of breaking their rules. Did you flinch, look away, give alms? He treats it is as if it was his daughter who died in a car accident.

The child Mang Serapio allegedly cares for is actually a doll, and the spectators and prosecutors ridicule and laugh at him. In an act of gratuitous violence, he pagliliits the removed organ a squeeze, finally delivering the blood spatter the audience was warned of promised?


‘Ang Paglilitis Kay Mang Serapio:’ Don’t wear white

There are no holes in the walls of accusation being thrown upon Mang Serapio. This is because the protagonist does not realize at all throughout the play why he was being judged in trial. Before year ends, Nietes captures 4th world title Boxing. He treated his doll Sol as if it was his daughter but not entirely because his mind is still of this world; knowing that his daughter was already dead thus the doll for him only serves as a thing to ease his mind of the situation which he is in.

For me, the insane ones here in the play are the people of the syndicate because why consider taking care of a child a crime? I wondered why, because this is the 50th anniversary staging of the play by Paul Dumol yes, it was written infor those who refuse to do the math. People of the syndicate judge people according to the degree of hurt the person is in thus the more injury the more you are respected in the syndicate.

An Infinite World Lines.

They were all mentally insane because they were being dragged on by the leader not realizing the situation they are in except for Mang Serapio who wants change in the way he lives. He basically stood no chance and he was left at the mercy of the authorities who cheat the system. What makes the story interesting is that even before the trial began, the authorities already knew that they were going to blind Serapio.

Inside, the stage is set in the center of the room as chalk graffiti covers the crumbling walls. Mang Serapio is a pitiful sight the moment we meet him: Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio can still be a comedy but it does not guarantee actual laughs, but the irony of it all all the significant happenings in the play can make you think really hard and make you realize.


Social stratification is present in almost all society as well as social injustice and inequality.

After further discussion about the play, I have realized that Mang Serapio was actually not a mentally insane guy. Before long, two interrogators begin the trial as the defendant is brought — or more accurately, thrown — in to the center of the courtroom, of which the audience is part. oaglilitis

Please try again later. By his pure innocence and ignorance he was accused to a mistake that No one knew how it became a mistake that he was able to punished, tortured and even he lost his eye. It makes the trial a source of entertainment instead of a channel for due diligence. Ang Paglilitis ni Mang Serapio is not comedy. How those people contaminate their selves with vainglory pushing the weak just seerapio save their faces.


I think it is a perfect example of our society’s gross over consum archiechie You’ve got a pretty interesting analysis about the poem the content is well written, thumbs up for y. One of the last things he says: A Timeline of American Symbols.

Mang Serapio treated the doll like a person; giving it food, clothes, etc. Retrieved on September 26, fromhttp: You see every little wince, every hint of rage, every ounce of desperation.