avidemux Avidemux is a free, open source video editor used for cutting, filtering, and encoding with support for a number of different file. P-frame duplication in avidemux on Mac OS X [image] I had thought it wasn’ t possible to install a version of avidemux that was old enough. I have researched many DataMoshing tutorials online and many of Open ‘ AviDemux ‘ Go to ‘FILE’ and load in the video you want to use.

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Batch processing

Then, delete the iframes between your clips and save your video. I know whats causing this saving on xvid tutoriall profile instead of copy but i dont know how to avoid it. Navigate to the Applications folder, right-click on avidemux2, and click “Show Package Contents”.

The I-frame destruction we did above is fun but also fairly limited.

Tytorial Shot at 3. A lot of datamosh involves putting disparate clips together for interesting effects, but finding and managing all those video files ends up being the most annoying part of the process.

I don’t have experience doing this on a Mac machine I must admit but I say in the tutorial to export your video to AVI because I know that that will work best with AviDemux. Hi, it seems that with this version of Avidemux for Mac we must delete a file: Fast movement in your video means the effect won’t last very long. This is where some more tools come into play! What can I do?

I hope your project works out and if you can, send me a link to the finished video. Do that to all the scene changes in your video. Then just double click the something. Check out this short post to learn how to install avidemux on Mac.


I re-open that file, but there are no I-Frames any longer. I’d love to see it: All files of that type.

I’ve only one one piece of footage success and that was with the MPEG-4 x file type on one of the newer versions of Avidemux. Hey Ryan and others ttuorial, apologies for being out of touch with this thread.

How to datamosh videos

I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. Haven’t converted it back to a jpg file otherwise I would share my datamosh but thanks for your help! The first frame will most likely be an I-frame and should be left in so that the video can start properly. This will set the blue highlight to now only avjdemux on your I-frame.

Depending on the clip you chose, you might have ended up with a lot of I-frames no matter how hard you tried.

Datamoshing does not work on avidemux Why?

Eddy Bergman 4 January at Downloads for Windows or Linux: What have I done wrong? Could you elaborate a little more on this, please? Its been saved and exported as H. Command-line only batch processing.

How to datamosh videos | Datamoshing

Next click the Configure button below the Video dropdown on the left. Unknown 28 October at If a file does not have enough i frames, is there a way to go around this? Then, copy the frame, and paste it repeatedly. Hey Way, It’s started to work again but for some reason I can’t do it the same as you guys. Other versions may or may not work, but we know 2. New files are named like something. However, there are a couple important general rules to follow when doing this:. Basically, any time avidemux tries to help you, tell it no.


I tried using the Mpeg4 AVC x option, but from there on I didn’t get any results like you did, despite using your files. I must say that I never even tried that. Hey, so I get to the step where I switch it to xvid and then I save the new file.

Some raw video files. Any tips or advice you could give? Ensure that the resulting file has the. You probably want to do this, and doing so is easy: Byzantine Mage 3 May at File destruction, I-Frame destruction, and P-frame duplication With file destructionwe take any old video file and mess with its data by simply opening it and replacing random bytes with other random bytes.

AVI file, and output a new one, which you can use on your own or throw it back into avidemux to combine it with other aviglitched videos. You should now have your video file in avidemux. This is useful for cases where you have to e. Hello, I have looking for datamoshing videos and most that I can find are videos that use it with the straight intention of making video look “cool” and “artsy” wich to me is a disgusting thing to say.