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The power of thought will be faster than your spoken words, and will accomplish the tasks instantaneously. However the subtle mistake is that of wasting treasures. This waste thought is particularly harmful for knowledgeful souls. The experience of this treasure can avyyakt contemplated repeatedly, and your intellect can remain continuously busy in this.

The thoughts of that time in which you think: Would be wonderful if we produce a booklet of it. Bapdada considers souls who create such thoughts laughable. It would definitely occur. The first is the creation that emerged through the mouth of Brahma, and regarding the other creation — it is said that the world was created through the thought of Brahma. The process or catalyst for transforming time will be inadequate.

Instead of succumbing to the sanskar of relaxing, you should continuously sustain that thought by ruminating upon it.

Bapdada is always cooperative with the children. Think less, means create thoughts that bwpdada siddhi swaroopthe forms of success. The intellect likes that very much. Rather, the power to face should be used to confront and oppose Maya.


BapDada Avyakt Murli 21-10-2018- Murli

Thoughts also make the world. Regardless of the attacks that were going on, they were unconcerned about possible defeat. If you cannot establish yourself in the form of a point quickly, do not waste bapddaa trying to set yourself in that.

Each one of your thoughts is a switch. Whatever action you have to perform or thought you have to generate, you can check it against this template, to see whether it is correct or incorrect, waste or powerful.

Because you were busy trying to accomplish other things, you remained unable to fly. If both are not in relationship, then you cannot perform any actions. Become experienced in being the deity who dwells in heaven, as you listen to points about heaven.

When the intellect mutli from the exclusive remembrance of the One, and wanders towards many others, this indicates that the intellect will power is not powerful. If so you will look at them and speak to them with that attitude and drishti. You are then not able to decide correctly.

According to the completion of time, the presence of waste thoughts is a sign of impurity. It is also a form of violence to give sorrow to any soul through thought, likewise for taking sorrow from any soul. Acyakt one seed in the form of thought contains the entire tree of its expansion merged within it. Therefore waste thoughts remain distant.


BK Murli today in Hindi and English – Brahma Kumaris

It is a form of theft and of cheating. You forget the foundation, thus characteristics of the shudra stage, and poisonous sankaras get mixed in to your karma.

Thought creates your swaroop your persona, what you embody. You enjoy listening, it seems very deep to you, you become happy, you receive very good treasure, but you need greater practice in absorbing it, that is in becoming the embodiment of it.

They keep their minds occupied with pure thoughts In advance, and then no extraneous thoughts can enter. To be powerful, with open eyes, implies to adopt the stage of the detached observer. Constantly accumulate and add to your power of pure thoughts. With the power of knowledge you will transform that thought. Therefore they should be destroyed at the level of thought.

What effort is required for you to achieve success in your thoughts?