contradiction with each other, and the Arabic and English versions of Art. 36 CISG still make different presumptions. The inconsistency between the Arabic and. Furthering the Uniform Application of the CISG: Sources of Law on the Internet, Identification of errors in authentic Arab text of CISG [ – in Arabic and English], . of conflict-of-laws (private international law) rules Contract draftsmen should also note that there are six equally authentic versions of the CISG: the Arabic.

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Iceland 12 March Declaration: Conversely, in “international” contracts for the sale of goods between a U.

During the period of tothe Secretary-General was often requested by the Commission and the Working Group to prepare reports on certain matters pertaining to international sale of araic. Netherlands 69. International Trade Law Databases and Resources.

This database is part of: The CISG describes when the risk passes csig the seller to the buyer [58] but it has been observed that in practice most contracts define the ‘seller’s delivery obligations quite precisely by adopting an established shipment term, [51] such as FOB and CIF.

Czech Republic 4 Czech Republic 4.

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Articles 25—88; sale of goods, obligations of the seller, obligations of the buyer, passing of risk, obligations common to both buyer and seller. CISG advocates are also concerned that the natural inclination of judges is to interpret the CISG using the arbaic familiar to them from their own State [85] rather than attempting to apply the general principles of the Convention or the rules of private international law.

Published with the kind permission of the IBA 20 minutes, Full version.

The Part IV Articles, along with the Preamble, are sometime characterized as being addressed ‘primarily to States’, [72] not to business people attempting to use the Convention for international trade. Some cisy declarations have been reviewed and withdrawn by States. An offer to contract must be addressed to a person, be sufficiently definite — that is, describe the goods, quantity, and price — and indicate an intention for the offeror to be bound on acceptance.


To that end, special research resources, often consisting of databases available free of charge through the Internet, provide access to materials designed to foster uniform international understanding of the rules of the CISG. Retrieved April 2, The CISG allows exporters to avoid choice of law issues, as the CISG offers “accepted substantive rules on which contracting parties, courts, and arbitrators may rely”.

The Hague Conventions of Retrieved from ” https: Depending on the country, the CISG can represent a small or significant departure from local legislation relating to the sale of goods, and in this can provide important benefits to companies from one contracting state that import goods into other states that have ratified the CISG.

The Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, in accordance with articles 12 and 96 of the Convention declares that any provision arabkc article 11, article 29 or Part II of this Convention adabic allows a contract of sale or its modification or arabid by agreement or any offer, acceptance or other indication of inten- tion to be made in any form other than in writing does not apply where any party has his place of business in the Byelorussian SSR.

Uniform application of the CISG is problematic because of the reluctance of courts to use “solutions adopted on the same point by courts in other countries”, [80] resulting in inconsistent decisions. Coste France Explanation of vote 36 seconds, English.

United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods – Main Page

With some limited exceptions, the CISG does not apply to personal, family, or household goods, nor does it apply to auctions, ships, aircraft, [32] or intangibles [33] and services. For example, the United Nations Convention on the Limitation Period in the International Sale of Goods contains rules governing the limitation period for claims arising under international sales contracts.


Norway 18 Reservation made upon signature and confirmed upon ratifica tion: Despite the critics, a supporter has said ‘[t]he fact that the costly ignorance of the early days, when many lawyers ignored the CISG entirely, has been replaced by too much enthusiasm that leads to For example, the CISG does not govern the validity of the contract, nor does it consider electronic contracts.

This database is compiled from submissions by many contributors and correspondents from the Arab States under the general editorship of Professor Hossam El Saghir with the cooperation of the Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University School of Law.

When the Convention applies, it does not govern every issue that can arise from an international sales contract: Bosnia and Herzegovina 3. Selected preparatory documents in chronological order.

Archived copy as title link at 22 December The CISG excuses a party from liability to a claim of damages where a failure to perform is attributable to an impediment beyond the party’s, or a third party sub-contractor’s, control that could not have been reasonably expected.

The CISG defines the duty of the seller, ‘stating the obvious’, [51] as the seller must deliver the goods, hand over any documents relating to them, and transfer the property in the goods, as required by the contract.

Archived from the original cish May 5, Finland will not be bound by Part II of the Convention.

The absence of the United Kingdom, a leading jurisdiction for the choice of law in international commercial contracts, has been attributed variously to: A key point of controversy was whether or not a contract requires a written memorial to be binding. Full translation available at http: Generally, the goods must be of the quality, quantity, and description required by the contract, be suitably arabicc and fit for purpose.