Whistling Vivaldi by Claude M. Steele Behave by Robert M. Sapolsky Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter Mind, Language And Society by John. In , Steele published his first book, Whistling Vivaldi and Other Clues to How Stereotypes Affect Us, as part of the Issues of. Acclaimed social psychologist Claude Steele offers an insider’s look at his groundbreaking findings on stereotypes and identity. Through dramatic personal .

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Steele is an engaging voice and melds personal narratives with academic research methods and findings. Steele was slowly painting a picture of stereotyping very different from the one found in most psychological literature at the time.

Claude Steele

When has stereotypes about your social identity affected your life? Jeff seemed to feel this way about Berkeley, that he couldn’t find a place there where he could be seen as belonging. In light of these and other facts, University officials immediately denied the allegations.

Strongly recommend this book to anyone with political views, who is in education, or who interacts with people–yeah, like, everyone. What bivaldi the mechanism that causes this? I was one of the grad students who was TAing, and I had a teacher from northeast Ohio say well, you know, you’re awful smart, or you know this very well or whatever she said, and where are you from?

This was described in your book as something you stumble across by accident when, again, testing some of those female math majors and the expectation that they might do worse, you inadvertently reminded them that, well, you’re from Stanford. We emphasize things about the actor-characteristics, traits, and so on-that seem like plausible explanations for her behavior. Although many people primarily associate Steele with his significant contributions in the development of stereotype threat research, the 14 years of his post- doctoral academic career that he spent at the University of Washington were focused on addictive behaviors and the social psychology behind alcohol use and addiction.


So call and tell us what situations you’ve had to deal with in which your social identity and the expectations that come along with it presented a challenge.

Whistling Vivaldi

There are several women’s decisions here, and it dissipates. Aug 10, Elizabeth Hunter rated it it was amazing Shelves: Efforts to succeed in the face of potential stereotype risk can become self-defeating and impair the performance and development of the strongest individuals, not to mention more normal ones.

It made the stereotype about women’s math abilities just less relevant to them. So, you demonstrate your easy familiarity with white culture. And now I’m a school teacher. TLDR; Stereotype threat has a real effect on people. Vivzldi focus here, instead, is on what has to be gotten out of he vovaldi to make these playing fields mere level. To ask other readers whisstling about Whistling Vivaldiplease sign up.

It’s something fundamental about being a human being.

Well, I’m a clergy person. The argument is not directly about stereotypes themselves – that members of some groups or another are all subject to some behavioral liability that prompts negative judgments about individuals solely on the basis of their membership in a given group – women and advanced mathematics, for example, or African Americans and a variety of issues.

Whistling Vivaldi | W. W. Norton & Company

After Steele moved from Michigan to Stanford, he and some of his students created an experiment measuring the stereotype threat on inner-city high school students. But if you are already under pressure from stereotype threat, then you are in danger of ‘choking’. I – you’ve – most of the solutions we’ve come up with people have found in their own lives, and this is a perfect example of that. And the reason for that became because we were black, vivvaldi we were African-American.

They got this group of males from Princeton I think, I would need to check and they whstling them to play a round of mini-golf. Award for distinguished clude career contributions to the public interest. Feb 24, Richard Saunders rated it it was amazing.


Also, the topic of the class made negative stereotypes about whites […] constantly prominent. That idea is stereotype-threat, the concern that one’s performance may conform to a negative stereotype of one’s group, which results in an extra cognitive load and other effects with negative consequences.

It also stressed me out civaldi its futility over the individual’s ability to control this This was required reading for school next year, and I have lot of mixed feelings about it. The New Science of Criminal Injustice.

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. The relevance sreele the stereotype varies. In the second half of the book, Steele details some of the ways that teachers and policymakers might curb the influence of stereotypes. But as you move up the ladder, and there are fewer women in the classes and the like, the stereotype and the pressures of it become more intense.

It becomes part of our identity. It was boring in its repetition of the very obvious finding that, yes, stereotypes affect the way we perform, not biology. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Claude Steele – Wikipedia

I can not recommend it enough, regardless of whether or not belong to a marginalized identity vivzldi. Remember, these are kids that WANT to succeed. I found the book inspiring, and I know it will change the way that I present tasks and feedback to students and family members.

I know, it is ironic in a book that is essentially telling us to we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover that I’m forced to warn you to not do exactly that with this book.