Each time a new version of QuarkXPress is released, I receive a What are the possible reasons that prevent me from successful conversion?. A popular desktop publishing program is QuarkXPress. The advantage to this approach is that you are using Acrobat for the conversion and it. The good news is if you want a free Quark to InDesign conversion tool, you’ll find it built right into InDesign. The bad news is you can only import Quark version 4.

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Converting Quark Documents to Word. My first experience of their software was with an early version of Flightcheck which scanned Quark files, images and fonts to ensure that everything that should be there eh there Quark didn’t include fonts in the collect for output option until version 5. InDesign can recover most documents that PageMaker cannot open.

If it’s version 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 orread on!

Convert QuarkXPress and PageMaker documents to InDesign

This is what Markzware does very well – it looks for gaps in the big software titles and then designs the plugins and software to fill those gaps. Coomo and graphics links are preserved and appear in the Links panel. If InDesign cannot convert a file or a specific part of a file, it displays a warning describing the reasons it cannot convert it and the results of the conversion attempt.

If the PageMaker file or its linked graphics are located on a network server, floppy disk, or removable drive, it may not open as expected if an interruption in data transfer occurs.

You may want to use Save As in PageMaker to clear unnecessary hidden data. Text boxes are converted to InDesign text frames. The good news is if you want a free Quark to Convertur conversion tool, you’ll find it built right into InDesign.


This tip applies to Microsoft Word 97, and If you use a later version wuarkxpress Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the ribbon interface. In Windows, choose PageMaker 6. Their in-house team had switched to InDesign entirely and they no longer accepted Quark files. Markzware have been a name I’ve been familiar with for years.

Before opening the document in InDesign, you may want to do the following: This site is for you! For information about other conversion issues, check the support documents on the Adobe website at www.

Click Save to save a copy of the warnings as a text file, and then open the file in InDesign. Master pages in PageMaker convert to master pages in InDesign and retain all objects including page numbering and guides.

However, Markzware are up-front about the fact that no conversion is perfect, and some reworking will probably be required. Same again for Quark XPress InDesign files are saved with an. All items on the PageMaker pasteboard appear on the pasteboard of the first spread in the InDesign document. InDesign uses a different hyphenation method than PageMaker, so line breaks may be different. However, [No Paragraph Style] picks up the attributes of a named style if that style was selected before any typing occurred in the PageMaker publication.

If InDesign cannot convert a file or a specific quarkxpreds of a file, it displays a quarkxlress describing the reasons it cannot convert it and the results of the conversion.

The answer is to look at the commercial possibilities. InDesign ignores Booklists when opening PageMaker publications. Another option is to use Quark to create a PDF file of the document. Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing software in the world. Consequently, when you open files that contain OLE graphics, those graphics will not appear coonvertir the InDesign document. Then open the file in Quark 6 see above steps. You can now save the file as an INDD file.


All master pages and layers are converted to InDesign masters and layers.

None eh the options described so far create an optimal “clean” Word document. Open a QuarkXPress document or template.

In Windows, choose QuarkXPress 3. For information about other PageMaker conversion issues, check the support documents on the Adobe website. Default and Master Default. First though, find out if you have what you need for a free Quark to InDesign conversion: In addition, any images will be separate files that can be placed within the Word document.

Both books had been created using Quark XPress 7. Learn more about Allen Styles are converted to InDesign styles.

How to Convert Quark Document to PDF

Embedded graphics—those added to the original document using the Paste command—are not converted. Same again for Quark XPress 9. Repair broken graphics links in the PageMaker publication. To ensure that all links are maintained, copy all linked files to the same folder where the PageMaker publication is stored. The First Baseline of converted text may appear different than text created in InDesign. Any conversion will, however, save you an enormous amount of time which would otherwise be spent on recreating the Quark files manually.

Open them in Quark 6 which you’ll need!