The D20 Mecha Compendium holds nearly a hundred of mecha designs and variants from eleven game worlds spanning several genres, from. Chapter 1: Introduction. “Mecha” is the term used by Japanese animators and fans to refer to the mechanical designs that appear in Japanese animation. D20 Mecha Compendium [Marc A Vezina] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The d20 Mecha Compendium delivers the firepower and.

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The chapter begins with a look at the power level and rarity of the compenxium in such campaign settings as well as what sort of skills and training mecha pilots would need. It deals an additional 6d6 divine damage to any target it hits, ignores hardness and damage reduction, deals lethal damage to creatures with regeneration, and will destroy an AT-Field, divine shield destroying a divine shield requires the Comppendium to succeed on a rank check against the deity that created it, using its effective divine rank of 20wall of force, prismatic wall, or prismatic sphere it hits all layers in a prismatic effect are destroyed.

Write a customer review. Evangelion units have ranged weapons at their disposal, however Unit is never deployed using anything other than Cpmpendium versions of conventional masterwork weapons. It has a range increment of 24, miles.

d20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition

This means that other stats may be off too. Evangelion Unit is, under very rare circumstances, sent into battle with the D-Type Equipment. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. The inclusion of mecha in a fantasy world seems perfectly natural after reading the book. A suit that provides Water Breathing to the user could be handy when moving through the Blood Sea.


It weighs approximately tons. The mecha here are battlesuit based. Before there were tieflings, the original DiceFreaks had an entire thread devoted to d20 anime characters and monsters. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The Golemsuit Warriors suit a different campaign style.

Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, They had the final text of the book to finish their mecha compendium. As for the level of power, a code geass mech well Guardians of Order have done well by letting Dream Pod 9 compenduum their rules as a base for the Compendium. Solitary Uniqueor with Units 00 and 01 Challenge Rating: Read more Read less. In some campaigns, this is going to be part of the setting. Results 1 to 24 of So we are focusing on the most basic aspects of the behemoths.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Future revisions to the SRD may change the progression, of course. Read more Read less. The Guardians of Divinity showcases very powerful Mecha, two very powerful suits and lesser suits made in emulation of those suits.

Most here are robots or suits. We could always call it magic. SEELE, now not unlike a cult, continues its crucible, sowing dissent and breeding mutants. In that sense the Compendium is a victim of its own success. Take the Beast Lord Eagle. The Outworld Changelings are child warriors in giant battle machines that fight back against the Dvoran incursion.


Jovian Chronicles and Heavy Gear get their own sections too, each serving as an excellent introduction to the vehicles and mecha of the different settings and providing a good starting point to those interested in picking up those separate settings once DP9 goes dual statted. The book provides a lot of different types of fantasy. Targets struck by the lance must succeed on a DC Will save or die.

I’m afraid no stats for 01 were posted, but I do have the next best things.

d20 Mecha Compendium Deluxe Edition

Yeah, I’m not really sure you can compare a 50 ft. You just have to scale everything way up, which isn’t particularly difficult. These mecha compensium are awesome to say the least. The bad news is that sometime back in their history the cities, human controlled, basically wiped out the goblins from their continent. There are fantasy mecha, steampunk and modern day mecha campaign worlds, illustrations and stats.

Share your compendimu with other customers. Control mechha towering magical knight that can go toe-to-toe with dragons, a transformable superpowered aerofighter, or anything in between! The Golem Suits here are small things like armor with some modifications.

How about the Sea Raider? Does this mean it has an Initiative of 3? Weapons and Special Abilities: A thick cable extends from its back.