74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Pro by Dennis DeSantis Capturing Sound by Mark Katz Ocean of Sound by David Toop Recording Secrets for the. David Toop’s extraordinary work of sonic history travels from the rainforests of Amazonas to the megalopolis of Tokyo via the work of artists as diverse as Brian . Ocean of Sound begins in at the Paris Exposition when Debussy first heard Javanese David Toop is a highly regarded author, music critic and musician.

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Oct 22, Anders rated it really liked it. The whole idea of background music was a red herring, a distraction — there is no such occean as background music, in the sense that so-called background music is always deployed though not always accepted as a lifestyle accessory and lifestyle is a collection of strong signifiers.

You don’t need to “know” anything about music to enjoy this one.

Ocean of Sound: Aether Talk, Ambient Sound and Imaginary Worlds by David Toop

I usually have to have a notebook close by so that I can pcean down music that I need to check out or revisit. I may not be very interested in all of the examples he picked, but did find the chapters on Kraftwerk, muzak, Satie ocsan several others quite fascinating.

Views Read Edit View history. Some parts are more successful than others; not all meandering is of interest. It’s sort of like a William Gibson novel, a constant stream of semi-bewildering cross-cultural syncretic references, in a fascinating poetic style.

Feb 22, Adam Patterson rated it really liked it. It travels from the rainforests of Amazonas to virtual Las Vegas; from David Lynch’s dream house high in the Hollywood Hills to the megalopolis of Tokyo. InDavid Toop published his second book, Ocean of Sound: Nowadays it’s not as big of a deal–you only lose a few minutes on YouTube, where in you spent hours searching through used record stores only to be disappointed when you got home–but it’s still sort of a drag.


Aether Talk, Oc Sound and Imaginary Worldswhich examined music as a medium for oceab mental involvement.

Ocean of Sound : Ambient sound and radical listening in the age of communication

Credits for Ocean of Sound are adapted from AllMusic. Mainly it suffers from being a book about music. It was the wrong choice foop words. The author ends, gloriously, by taking tea with Kate Bush.

May 28, Nick Johnston rated it really liked it. Stream-of-consciousness trip through the subtle and imaginative world of David Toop as he waxes nostalgic upon all his musical forbears.

As an insightful listener and enjoyer of music he knows how to articulate his seemingly spontaneous and non-conclusive findings with the reader very well. More to do with world-building than rock and roll. I mean it, literally, when I say I soune imagine music writing that is better than what’s in these pages. Something that is as completely arbitrary and disconnected as that, with sufficient listenings, becomes highly connected.

Jun 07, Davdi Harris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Similarly, he wanders off topic too often in order to discuss things which he himself finds interesting but which have only the most tenuous of relationships to the ostensible subject matter. I find his writing on point using a personal sphere of examples and drawn connections. Aug 25, Sean rated it really liked it Shelves: The sampled mixture is enjoyable at davvid but ends up together rather as a white noise texture than a oxean whole.


Sep 06, Halliday rated it it was amazing Recommended to Halliday by: You can really imagine that this thing was constructed somehow: Some of the best writing on sound I have ever read. Toop’s way with words makes everything seem amazing and compelling, but actually hearing the music is often a disappointment.

Jan 13, Wim rated it it was amazing. Archived from the original on 12 January Oct 28, Jonathan rated it really liked it.

I’m still in the afterglow of that week! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Ocean of Sound : David Toop :

Release Information, Reviews and Credits”. Refresh and try again. Landscape is another – a conjured place through which the music moves and in which the listener can wander.

Fuck what yo mama say — “The magician is assisted by a boy, to whom in the dark he speaks at a distance through a tube formed advid the windpipes of cranes, storks, or swans Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Essential reading and fascinating history. Toop has interviewed many of the people whose music is discussed himself, and seems like a guy I’d like to hang out with.