EJÉRCITO ZAPATISTA DE LIBERACIÓN NACIONAL. MÉXICO. SEXTA DECLARACIÓN DE LA SELVA LACANDONA. Ésta es nuestra palabra. Audio de la Primera Declaracion de la Selva Lacandona del EZLN, transmitida por radio el primero de enero de Issued on January 1st, , the Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle declared “the flower of the word will not die.” The government launched a.

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And the villages have made good progress. Comentario de Esteban — enero 21, 1: And now we are passing the work of safeguarding good government to the zapatista support bases, with temporary positions which are lacandnoa, so that everyone learns and carries out this work.

Lo unico que quisiera pedirles es como puedo integrarme o colaborar activamente con ustedes, vivo en la Ciudad de Hermosillo, y me interesa mucho la cuestion indigena.

The dichotomy is clear: Your movement and resistance to oppression has probably open a new way of resistance and a possible model for a future world and society. Now we were also being helped by many people from all over the world and by persons who were well respected and whose word was quite great because they were great intellectuals, artists and scientists from Mexico and from all over the world.

Marcha contra los feminicidios. There are references in these texts to collaboration with adherents ee the Sixth Declaracjon, but it seemed in recent years as though that network had lacanrona […]. And so we found out that there are indigenous, that their lands are far away from us here in Chiapas, and they are making their autonomy and defending their culture and caring for their land, forests and water.

Mis respetos, de veras… Quisiera contribuir en algo, su lucha debe darse a conocer como es, no como la quiere dejar ver el gobierno de mentiras: Son muchas las cosas que pasan, al menos puedo comentarles al respecto con el area de salud. For example, those who do not produce nor buy nor sell modern merchandise get in their way, or those who rebel against that order.

Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona « Enlace Zapatista

Such a fundamental macro-act involves at least the subjects who declare war and the one they are going to fight against. And the situation has indeed improved some. Caracol Resistencia Hacia un Nuevo Amanecer. And it was not wounded by the deceits of the bad governments, but because, when we touched the hearts of others, we also touched their sorrows.


Schools for Chiapas photos This is not a matter of simple syntax or enunciation. This youth is now, more and more, sustaining our troops as well as leadership positions in the organization. This immense crime was not so easily forgotten, and it was a demonstration of how the bad governments color their hearts in order to attack and assassinate those who rebel against injustices.

Fourth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle

Cuentan con nuestro apoyo! These mechanisms report argumentation directly to its audience and to the collective mentalities. In other words, we are inviting the unregistered political and social organizations of the left, and those persons who lay claim to the left and who do not belong to registered ka parties, to meet with us, at the time, place and manner in which we shall propose at the proper time, to organize a national campaign, visiting all possible corners of our Patria, in order to listen to and organize the word of our people.

It was as if we were seeing ourselves in a mirror. Comentario de yojhan ribas trelles — septiembre 27, 1: In other words, absolute economic destruction in the cities as well.

Soy hijo de Mexicanos y uno de los pocos mexicanos estudiando en Dartmouth College. Nosotros, los jovenes del mundo necesitamos un plan de verdadera ayuda reciproca.

Then capitalism means that there a few who have great wealth, but they did not win a prize, or find a treasure, or inherited from a parent. Somos un pueblo numeroso que se debe unir para lograr dcelaracion igualdad y libertad por la que tanto han luchado nuestros antepasados. De la luna nueva al cuarto creciente 13 de febrero de Comentario de Patricia — diciembre 6, Aqui prometemos contribuir a su lucha de una manera u otra.

And they do not treat them well there, instead they exploit them, persecute them and treat them with contempt and even kill them. Comentario de soupe aux chou pour maigrir — junio 5, 8: El capitalismo destruye, los pueblos construyen. We remember quite well how the continent was also illuminated some years ago, and a light was called Che Declsracion, as it had previously been called Bolivar, because sometimes the people take up a name in order to say they are taking up a flag.


El maximo de la sociedad tiene los ojos deeclaracion a si a estas injusticias. Cuando los muertos callan en voz alta 28 de diciembre de I live in the United States where, despite all our wealth, our citizens are hopeless and in despair.

The enunciation has not just one level. Comentario de Srlva — febrero 18, And it is with this hope that i will continue what i do, and i will continue to fight against these ridiculous governments of censorship and ignorance. Vimos que no les importaron la sangre, la muerte, el sufrimiento, las movilizaciones, las consultas, los esfuerzos, los pronunciamientos nacionales e internacionales, declwracion encuentros, los acuerdos, las firmas, los compromisos.

Hola que tal buenas tardes. It is like a campaign, then, but very otherly, because it is not electoral.

Sexta Declaración de la Selva Lacandona | Library Digital Collections | UC San Diego Library

The seduction of discourse: La lucha la ganaran nuestros hijos, o los hijos de nuestros hijos, o… Saludos desde Madrid. Pintando un maestro Declaraciion. Sin embargo creo que declaracin genera violencia y estoy en total desacuerdo con la guerra que trae consigo saldos de sangre. Toda la jente merese ser tratados d todas. Como cristiano creyente se que el Dios de la Vida no es un Dios de Mercado sino un Dios igualitario y comunitario lo que aunque muchos creen que es cosa del pasado es un Dios Socialista- Comunista.

Comentario de gurrillero — noviembre 22, Sin entregarnos, sin rendimos, sin derrotarnos. Rozenberg Quarterly aims to be a platform for academics, scientists, journalists, authors and artists, in order to offer background information and scholarly reflections that contribute to mutual understanding and dialogue in a seemingly divided world. Comentario de hijadelsol — octubre 27, 7: