48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și , Iorgu Iordan, Stilistica limbii române, Editura Științifică, 47, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, I. Stil, stilistică, limbaj, Editura Academiei, 48, Dumitru Irimia, Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane, Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică, 71, Valeria Guțu Romalo, Corectitudine și.

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She is also interested in various aspects related to testing, teacher training, translation teaching and translation research, and has published a wide range of scientific papers on these topics. By holding such records regarding its coverage, the Hubble — 15 Years of Discovery documentary embodies one of the main characteristics of cultural products belonging to popular culture, that of being known by as many people as possible Nachbar and Lause, In a brief and systemic order these flaws could be counted as it follows.

Similar to other Eastern Dumiru journalists, the issue of differences between generations in assuming professional roles will be taken into consideration in this research. He was a contributing correspondent for the CNN World report from toand he was a permanent correspondent of the Romanian National Television to Washington D. This way, a double purpose is achieved: Strucctura deep everyday life is digitalized and what are the main consequences of such a reality represent questions of utmost actuality.

She is a Lecturer in English for business communication and intercultural business communication with the Department of Modern Languages and Business Communication, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

The German communication science is strongly influenced by the American communication science. International Journal of Higher Education and Democracy. Close in physical space Close in social space Close in virtual space Explication 1 No No No persons that does not interact at all 2 No No Yes persons that interact only on virtual space without to know directly each-other 3 No Yes No persons that are friends, family, colleagues but are at large distance and not interact via computer mediated structurra No Yes Yes persons that are related as above but keep in contact via computer mediated 5 Yes No No persons that are physically closely on the street, into the some bus, in the some public place etc.

Your stillstica to send this item has been completed. Translation between the elitist regime of science as a professional activity and the popular one can be best observed on this level, where the transfer connection between the SF film and the scientific domains of astronomy and physics is effaced. In the new environment of urgency, of breaking news and news alerts the media, and television in particular, had to adjust, to respond to new challenges.

It starts with a search for a definition for Communication Science and a short history of the research field.


Odobescu’s Fairy Tales. Linguistic and Stylistic Aspects | BDD-A | Diacronia

Otherwise it was business as usual. One of the causes for this is demography, since Romania reported low birth rates starting with the 90s. By using all the means offered by popular culture, Hubble 15th Anniversary project suggested a range of cultural products and events Hubble Days events, DVDs, Hubble-themed gadgets etc.

Both dujitru rhetoric and its modern developments can be used successfully in the framing of disruptive events or crises by employing the concepts associated to the rhetorical situation kairos and stasis and by acting upon the lines of argument engendered by them in order to recover or diminish the damages to the reputation ethos of the organization.

It does not evaluate. The feminist rhetoric Such story-telling is typical for the latest changes in the field of rhetoric, it allows us to investigate on a meta-theoretical level the conceptual framework of rhetoric.

Public space and public ethics. Sometimes all stops at this level but not in all the cases Moisoiu, Both as fundamental linguistic units, and within their syntactic and stylistic relations from the structure of that homiletic text, words involve those distinct psychic marks the famous expression of Ferdinand de Saussure which the system of the language determined in the consciousness of receptors on other communicative occasions.

Many of the theories that build the theoretical irimla of communication science were developed by American sociologists. To this end, the practice of permanent dialogue with the parishioners in order to perform a thematic and linguistic diagnosisthe synonymous variation updated to avoid lexical monotony and the prophylaxis of wooden language an anti-language phenomenon characterized by the very annihilation of subjectivity in the written and oral expression are just some of the means advisable.

Structura stilistică a limbii române contemporane (Book, ) []

If PR professionals do not work quickly, the initiative of communication is taken by others e. Conclusions By implementing Hubble 15th Anniversary project, ESA exemplary illustrates the dumjtru realities of Public Relations and science communication adopted in the strategy of research institutes, particularly those concerned with astronomy. Her research interests are in the field of communication sciences, advertising, public relations, and new media.

As a political analyst, entrepreneur in the field of public communication and journalist, she published more than articles in the local and central media from Romania since Thus communication science is considered to be a social science.

Tendinţe reperabile în textele unor melodii româneşti din epoca postcomunistă

Into the virtual communities developed inside of the Internet the social interactions are based on the simulation of the spatial proximity. Here are the stases and some questions Crowley and Hawhee, He teaches television journalism and international relations at the University in Cluj-Napoca since and at the Andrei Saguna University of Constanta since Their purpose was to consolidate the knowledge on science in general, as well as on astronomy and the discoveries particularly made with the help of the Hubble Telescope.


Thus, the research centres in physics and astronomy display a new behaviour, a more corporatist one, which finds its concrete manifestation in the field of popular culture. She published several scientific articoles and also worked as a language consultant, translator and interpreter from French into Romanian and viceversa. The results of a research published in in the Transylvanian Review for Public Administration showed that the professional qualification of PR professionals working in the Romanian public sector is very different and can be related to the dimension of the organization they were integrated in.

The four basic stasis categories may be broken down into a number of questions and subcategories to help researchers, communicators, and people working together in teams to build information and compose communication.

The personality of the orator achieves a nex with the conceptual universe he preaches and, from this existential position, seeks to obtain the affective consensus of the others.

Rhetoricians used the term hypothesis to name a specific question. Stressing the visual aspect in the popularization process is common to the research sector in astronomy and it peaks in the case of the Hubble project. Author of 10 books on stylistics, journalism and modern history, her focus is on applied linguistics, communication sciences and political science. Second comes the very accurate description of the new media devices as tools that could not and will not change the message itself.

Affective Valencies of the Homiletic Discourse

Adela Rogojinaru emphasized the difference between corporate communication and public communication. Avoiding strict classifications and epistemic patterns that try to assign an identifiable constancy to it, the human personality is actually controlled by a dialectic tension Emmanuel Mouniera dynamism, internal but perceptible also in the exterior, by which it manages its identity crises.

Basic training of all those willing to come into the communication ring and regulations that may concern not only the professionals but also the amateurs, may be ways to get over what seems to be a deadlock. Not only their very poor training in public communication is to blame for such a situation, but also, in a significant proportion of the cases, their poor professional and even human quality.

The articles in the Linguistics and Communication section focus on linguistic creations in the economics terminology and journalistic articles, and on the influence of one language German over another Romanian. PUS was intended as a PR instrument from the very beginning, aiming to maintain a trustworthy relationship of the research institutions with their various publics, which they now identified as being relevant, having the power to take public decisions on which the development of the research sector depended.