The main thing to remember is that for most IA Sailors, NIACT and/or other /21); Expeditionary Screening Checklist Administrative (NAVPERS /22) . ECRC IA CHECKLIST Reset Form Last Name Paygrade First Rating Submit by Email SSN Middle Designator Component Personal Email Local Phone Navy. The ECRC IA Checklist must be submit- ted electronically to ECRC within 14 days of receipt of orders. You will report to the Navy Mobilization. 4. Processing Site.

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I didn’t need the support, but I needed information and it wasn’t available without digging deeply. Poll audience to see how many have served on IA tours. If assistance still required, contact USFF. My CIAC is very much involved in assisting me during my deployment. Discuss how we use Army terms. We think you have liked checklst presentation. Your documentation, or lack thereof, is what is reported up the chain of command. Chrcklist the 8 month mark we got a new IA coordinator that contacted me and seemed like he genuinely cared.

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Ask the audience where there IAs are serving. How can they find out?


Command Individual Augmentation Coordinator (CIAC) Orientation – ppt download

General Information Retirements and Fleet Reserve. Additional training information can be found on the Iq IA Website by clicking on the link. We were enjoying ka at the dining facility the “DFAC” when the foreboding alarms went off, alerting us of an incoming rocket.

Reports can be viewed by anyone and can be found under the Reports tab. I couldn’t see much either when I was lying on my belly a few hours ago. Reserve unit never contacted my family.

Full text of “navy individual augmentee”

If you can’t make much out of this photo, I’m not surprised. Made sure my family has all important information and resources pertaining to my deployment. I am a GSA and it feels like I have not left my parent command. Published by Aileen Boyd Modified over 3 years ago.

I have been waiting for a travel claim for 3 months. How many are newly-designated CIACs? ISCM 64 64 Some of them will be presenters today. May result in disqualification of IA Sailor and force a short-fused replacement.

My parent command made an effort to reach out and I was able to get follow-on orders easily. As we have been instructed, we all hit the deck, covering our heads. Executive agent for IAs. CIAC kept in touch with me on these issues. Unfunded temporary yr requirements Example: If so, ask where and when. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Other Your support is critical during the Re-Deployment Phase!


Nobody cared that I left, and nobody cared that I came back, with the singular exception of my Chief, and nobody told him what to do either.

Command Individual Augmentation Coordinator (CIAC) Orientation

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Always checks with me to see if there is anything I need or if I have any questions or concerns. I initiated most contacts with them. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Auth with social network: Who uses the IA website?

Navy IA App for Smartphones: How many have done previous IA tours? Slide Lesson One 2 Introduction. Areas not highlighted are populated by CIAC.

Discuss potentially negative reintegration situations unfair reintegration into the watchbill, exclusion from training opportunities, etc. Slide Show see screen. Ask former IAs in the audience for personal experiences with Army training and serving in Checilist units.