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The children of Guatemalan Indian refugees who dl their country’s brutal civil war, they come to school with little if any academic background. At the luncheon, Texas Representative Juan Chuy Hinojosa gave a status on the Legislation introduced by the Nueces County delegation and passed in renaming a seven-mile stretch of State Highway after Dr.

El prodigioso viaje de Edward Tulane (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane)

The students drew pictures of Dr. If you take advice you will grow old. So while Mendez and Gaspar are happy that Monica Andres was invited to the junior honors society, that Omar was tapped for a magnet school and his older brother Daniel, 15, stopped mouthing off to teachers, they are equally pleased to hear the kids talk with pride about being the descendants of the ancient Mayans who built the massive pyramids in the Peten jungle.

En el pais de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey. Sgt, Comp sueltas Inf partido de Calbuco, Chiloe, Lt Col, Mil Discip Cab de ica, For more information, call or email jgarcia americanlatino. Sent by Robert Gonzalez. As those elementary school students moved up the educational ladder, their numbers declined: Overall, at least one in three county residents speaks a language other than English at home; sincethe total number of county residents who speak a language other than English has gone up 66 percent.


Some of the generals in the Mexican army were of German descent. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and from 9 a. Valdez has received numerous honors and awards for his work. Unlike other school systems with high turnover, Brownsville teachers tend to stick around; the average teacher has 11 years of classroom experience in the district. Mendez chose the middle-school years because he saw it as a last-stop opportunity for intervention before high school.

Two high schools made the U. The Black Legend fostered anti-Hispanic jingoism and the aspirations of manifest destiny in the United States of the early 19 th century.

The large seed heads make up nearly half the plant and vary in color: Now 86, Ibarra was one of the hundreds of thousands of Mexican laborers, or braceros, who helped the U.

El que con coyotes se junta, a aullar se ensena. They also wanted the admission of more black and other minority students. Play was performed Oct. In Southern California, he was just a pocho.

His knowledge of Spanish saved his life. The prospect of the next year’s trip means moving to a magnet school will be difficult. Patriots of the American Revolution.

Manuel Joaquin Holguin Jr. Tanto peca el que mata la vaca como el que le agarra la pata. Eward history lessons include a closer look at the culturally misunderstood figures El Pachuco and Quetzalcoatl.

The focus of these events was to increase public awareness by recalling his work with the poor and the veteran. It is a complete protein, which means it has all nine essential amino acids.

If you would like to be added to the listserv, please contact Anna Godinez at or by email at agodinez maldef. Peter Miguel Camejo, a civil rights leader, socially responsible investment pioneer, and magnanimo caballero for third party politics in the US, peacefully passed away early Saturday morning at his home in Folsom, CA with his wife Morella at his side — only days after completing his autobiography.


Andres could tell the teachers didn’t understand, even when she explained she would enroll her children in summer school.

It was made into a film inwhich Valdez also directed. She lives in L. Like others, he settled in Florida because edwxrd the agricultural jobs, cheap cost of living and warm climate.

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Send us your feedback. They were setting fires in the dd. Comiendo buena cena y durmiendo en cama buena, aunque sea noche mala para mi es noche buena. On JulyCubero was named Dean of the Faculty, becoming the first person of Hispanic heritage in that position. Switchcraft, is a spirited romantic comedy about two best friends who share a life-changing trading places experience.

Advocacy and marketing groups in Illinois, Texas and California have sl out to communities with Spanish-language ads, a toll-free hot line and a Web site. Students who need to brush up on math or reading can attend after-school, hourlong tutorials three times a week, and many students do take advantage of the longer school day.

At Rivera High School, Tim Snyder has put to work strategies that he used as a ek elementary school principal: The plant resembles spinach, but with 3- to 9-foot stalks that take on a magenta hue. However, the plans on how and where they are to be stored remains un-resolved after years of indecision and lack of commitment. Now that I vijae how to subscribe to these links, I will share them with all our friends each year.