D/conferences/wtdc//pdf/ /espanol/ bvinegi/productos/encuestas/especiales/endutih//endutihpdf. Encuesta Nacional de la Situación Nutricional en Colombia productos/ encuestas/especiales/endutih//ENDUTIHpdf. (, November 17). watch?v=L2f/cmjbqpA Hundley, H., & Shyles, L. (). y Uso de Tecnologías de la Información en los Hogares (ENDUTIH)

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Estudio de casos de organizaciones mexicanas. Its objective was to increase substantially the connectivity infrastructure in the country and achieve the goal of having broadband Internet access for most of the national territory, supported by the installation of access points at public spaces and institutions educational, governmental, healthcare institutions, etc.

Therefore, it is possible to perceive an opposite relation to the one present in the case of post-basic education. Issue 3 First Online: The declaration considered equal access to ICT as an additional, novel manifestation of human rights whose aim would be to promote the exchange and strengthening of world knowledge in favor of economic, social, political, healthcare, cultural, educational and scientific development supported by the use of technologies.

Because the information required for this type of analysis is only obtained from ensutih census exercises that are carried out every ten years, this section of the study reports findings that derive from the census information. According to INEGI data, the proportion of users is considerably greater in those states that have a higher level of development than in the states with greater rates of marginalization and poverty.

Part I Issue 2 Issue 1 Volume: To this end, as we have already mentioned, two moments were observed: The difference in the indicators between them can be substantial. Even in privileged territories, as for example the one corresponding emdutih the municipality of Zapopan the wealthiest of the municipalities in Jalisco and one of the most developed in the national contextthe differences are considerable. The telecommunications sector in Mexico is the 11 th in terms of its size at the OECD with approximate incomes nearing The increase of digital connectivity, according to ITU estimates, will contribute to the materialization of the Sustainable Development objectives set by the United Nations for the year Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism.


In turn, the position occupied by Mexico in the Americas is not something to brag about at all. The social orography of communication generally finds its correlate with the conditions of socioeconomic development of countries and regions.

The Case of Travel Search Engines.

National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH)

Inequality is also reflected in the access to communication technologies through regional, gender, age and educational level indicators Arredondo, a. One of the most detailed and critical evaluations made about the conditions of the telecommunications sector in Mexico was carried out by the OECD in the year The diagnosis pointed at some of the evident problems that would have been produced by a telecommunications sector lacking competitiveness that placed the burden of its development on the shoulders of a consumer population which had to pay a high price for such type of services.

In this sense, the results of the Jalisco situation reveal tendencies that confirm the national and global reality, inequality: That is, a more or less clear correspondence is established between the ICT availability indices with the degrees of wealth and wellbeing prevailing at the level of the federal entity Arredondo, b.

User Account Sign in to save searches and organize enduti favorite content. It endutig no wonder that when observing the evaluations and analyses conducted by the pertinent enndutih bodies, the Mexican situation is characterized by the precariousness and backwardness of its development on the subject of information and communication.

In turn, according to the same survey, access to computers grew almost four times in a year period, while the number of households connected to the Net multiplied more than seven-fold in the same time span.

World Development Report According to the World Bank report:. Right after that, we observed the ICT presence in each of those segments. This article was elaborated with the support of Oscar Cruz. The five states of Mexico with the greatest proportion of mobile telephony users practically double in their percentages the four entities with the least user proportion.

In turn, in the same span of time mobile broadband multiplied four times reaching 3. The digital divide is appreciated more clearly.

Alva de la Selva, A. The analysis 22010 have conducted and presented synthetically in this paper shows that in Jalisco -a state with development ensutih socioeconomic growth levels that are above the national average – there were evident differences in terms of ICT access and use, or at least they were very clear taking the years and as reference.


However, in our case, the overall municipal level is not enough to illustrate such a situation. Information Communication Technologies for the strategic management adoption of the Greek tourism industry. In the least connected sectors there is an increase of the population proportion with less educational level see Table 5.

Conectividad digital y marginalidad social. On the other hand, the inquiry set out to evaluate the situation prevailing in the population deciles that are the most connected taking Internet access in Private Inhabited Homes or PIH as an indicator as opposed to the deciles that were the least connected in each of the fourteen municipalities under analysis.

Complexity in the Adoption of Technology in Tourism Services

Both reports point in a similar direction: In any event, efforts to expand digital connectivity, and therefore, uses and applications of ICT allover the world are in progress, particularly in those countries eendutih lower development indicators. Connectivity, a necessary condition Digital connectivity is a legitimate, rising aspiration.

It should be pointed out, however, that the regional index represents an average with broad variations.

0210 nuevos rostros de la desigualdad en el siglo XXI: As to the number of users, it was found that almost 74 of every one hundred Mexicans over six years of age declare they are cellular telephony users.

The analysis presented here is made up of three sections, all of them tending to explore the importance of the educational factor as a variable that is associated with differential access to ICT among the population of the state of Jalisco, and consequently with its digital connectivity levels.