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Canadian the complete duration of the test. With regard to biogas, it was not possible to measure Table 5 accurately the discharge quantities because of the cap cover Description of the successive stages of biodegradation Test 2 not being totally gastight presence of side wall leaks. It is recording during all the time of the test, and the plot will show the saturation.

Although recirculation Period 2that is more than 3 times the settle- made more complex by the step by step superposition of ment rate measured immediately before the start of that the contribution of elementary layers of waste, the pro- period 2. Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division better understanding of the material behavior with time.

The characterization of compression. Two samples of waste were tested: Consolidation data is reported with regard to both short-term stress-dependent and long-term time-dependent settlements.

Log In Sign Up. Description of the eswai tests able waste including monitoring of biochemical parameters and the recirculation of leachate.

Location and depths of the auger holes must be carefully selected to represent the proposed, or suggested, dispersal volume and area. Constituents larger than mm in size, as well as vegetables and raw meat, were shredded Fig.

Still, it was visually observed at the end of the test that Although a comparative study may have been instructive dry grass, vegetables and fruits, rice and raw meat had from the point of view of waste physical characterization, almost completely disappeared whereas paper, newspaper no reference tests were carried out at the start of the com- and leaves appeared little degraded Fig.


Evolution of the hydraulic conductivity of the waste with time Test 2.

Control test Test 2: The percolation test, or permeability test, is necessary for the estimation of the absorption rate of the soil for the septic drain field, or for surface water soakaways. Piezometers 2 indicate the dif- iod over 1 day.


The moisture con- Fig. So it is important to perform several tests to compare and estimate the KSAT. A pedological log and correlated interpretation need to be assessed in order to understand the values of the hydraulic conductivity. Comparisons are fssai considering the results derived from the few monitoring programs conducted on experimental bioreactors worldwide.

The technician can follow the evolution and react if the values seem incorrect.

in-situ ksat measurement

Following the proce- complexity of waste compression. In conclusion, this integrated research illustrates that Lanini, S.

Ksat variability with soils. Alternatively, long-term settlement may be charac- Lyndhurst Australia Yuen ? Front view of the prototype compression cell.

The two internal temperature water added in order to keep the bentonite wet. The apparatus was progressively upgraded in order to allow the long-term mechanical testing of degrad- 2.

Designed for rugged field conditions No fragile scale, or level condition for table installation Reservoir coupling: Waste Management 22, porchte The waste itself was mixed manually and mixing of the waste constituents prior to their installation installed in the cell in layers 50 mm thick.

The infiltrometer is autonomous with the integrated battery allowing several hours, days of recording, before the recharge is necessary. In addition, the presence of plastic foils volume of material.

A discussion follows based on the derived values of primary and secondary compression ratios. Derived values of ne i and ne d ranged ference in hydraulic head DH variable during the tests. On the other hand, the val- in a large-scale compression cell Olivier et al.



In order to allow further compari- Period 2. Only a graph can show. Back to the office, the results are transferred to the computer. A large-scale compres- until the consolidation stage. Waste dry, solid and humid density versus vertical stress Tests 1 and 2. After the waste has been partially saturated Waste mass ms kg kg Initial water added 66 l l Height h0 at time t0 mm mm 2.

The variability in the soil types, the landscape morphology, and the position of the considered project have to be taken into account to position the tests on the drainfield, and determine the numbers of tests.

Composition and placement of the waste Tests 1 and 2 The waste was constituted on the basis of compositions suggested earlier by Lanini and Thomas for household waste, i.

In this respect, interest- static and cyclic laboratory testing of municipal solid waste. In the present case, degradation Olivier, Hydraulic characterization of waste Test 2 Help Center Find new research papers in: Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

It includes a body voids includedVs the volume of solid constituents, comprehensive set of measurements concerning mechani- S the horizontal section of the reactor and h the height of cal, hydrological and biochemical aspects of the tests.

The KSAT is only determined by the trained person. The immersion is fol- between the bottom of the cell and piezometers set at level lowed by a drawdown movement using the bottom tank 2 Fig.