30 Module Documentation. 31 Class Documentation code itself, special comments in the code, and additional documentation files. 2 – FLTK Basics. This chapter teaches you the basics of compiling programs that use FLTK. Writing Your First FLTK Program. All programs must include the file. class Fl. Class Hierarchy. Fl. Include Files. #include. Description. The Fl class is the FLTK global (static) class containing state information and global.

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It is hoped that until the documentation becomes more self-sustaining the user documentatikn use these heuristics and the type signatures along with the official FLTK documentation to “guess” what the binding functions do.

Install Stack Downloading and following the default instructions for documentwtion standard Windows installer should be enough. The required DLLs are: First create the directory that will contain the executable and DLLs: Then we create a box with the “Hello, World!

In this example, myGroup would be the current group. The design of the API makes all the parent functions transparently available to that widget. Window shows that a Ref Window can be passed to getModal to check if the window is modal, but it can also be passed to children in Graphics. This may be broken on your version of. I chose FLTK because it was small enough that one person could bind the whole thing in an initial pass.

Widget Construction Each widget has its own module, all of which are listed below under the Widgets heading. The width and height parameters determine the size of the widget or window in pixels. FLTK will not recursively call the idle callback.


The reason is that it’s been quite a while the FLTK project cut an official release but the development branch is actually quite stable and has acquired a lot of useful features including HiDPI documentatio SVG support which are exposed via these bindings.

FLTK: FLTK Programming Manual

Additionally, arbitrary Haskell code can be inserted into Fluid interfaces, allowing the user to do most of the callback wiring directly from Fluid. For most widgets the arguments to the constructor are:. The default message handler saves the last message which can be accessed using the Fl:: This is useful for checking the version of a shared library.

A normal program will end main with return Fl:: For a more detailed trace, the CallStack implicit parameter needs to be passed to each function in the chain like: This flag, which tells the compiler to skip some steps when compiling executables, dramatically decreases compile time but also bloats the resulting executable size and probably makes runtime performance documentatin slower.

Gets the bounding box of a screen. Either the second const should be removed in both Fl.

To enable the flag for a smoother development workflow, tell Stack to enable it during the configure step: This does nothing if the default visual satisfies the capabilities, or if no visual satisfies the capabilities, or on systems that don’t have such brain-dead notions.

The resulting program will display the window in Figure Idle functions are called when no user input is present and no timers or files need to be handled – in short, when the application is not doing anything.


If events are coming in quickly, whole eocumentation of them will be processed before this is called once.

Creating Widget hierarchies Widgets are commonly ordered into functional groups, which in turn may be grouped again, creating a hierarchy of widgets. It will attempt to put “families” of faces together, so that the normal one is first, followed by bold, italic, and bold italic.

fltk(3) – Linux man page

Pick the Stack installer that matches your distribution and install according to the instructions. This greatly reduces code size and execution time.

Setters and getters are prefixed with set and get respectively. It should build and install smoothly with the standard: This constructor takes a CustomWidgetFuncs datatype which is a record of functions which tells a Graphics. You can quit the program by closing the window or pressing the ESC ape key. In addition the program must include a header file for each FLTK class it uses.

This function is called before any other tests, so you can override any FLTK switch this is why FLTK can use very short switches instead of the long ones all other toolkits force you to use. The sky is the limit!