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Reka, illuminist, poesy, lyrics, prose, ideal, aspirations.

Eugene Charles Catalan

In a mourning way, the Rekans address the difficult life of people of this region, poverty, migration, separation from the family, etc.

Most probably they have to deal with the three most important positions of the sun, such as sunrise, midday and sunset. Hyrje ne Informatike Luj nusja e re!

The temporary government of Debar, after carrying out some observations, decided to send new reinforcements to the Albanian rebels above Mavrovo, on 29 September, from the Ohrid — Struga detachment units, since the Serb forces were gradually strengthening their positions in the Gostivar — Debar line.

At this time he would move to Bulgaria and settle in Blagoevgrad. American International Journal of Contemporary Research. The issue relates to the dilemma as to which form religions influence this direction; are they independent from regional cultures and nationalist ambitions, or do they act under their full influence? This has caused the sensitiveness against migration as a social phenomenon to remain and reflect in people, in their cultural compositions, regardless of the lapse of time, social changes and economic development.

As it seems, they have kept the pride of their national belonging somewhere deep in their souls and have patiently waited till the day when they could freely release their enslaved songs, Migjeni would say. Fragment nga poezia Reka, vendi im Figura 1.


Today, Reka has remained poor and deserted, with almost deskriptife people at all, it has become a lost world. The clothing with a long shirt and two aprons appear in these variants: What is awaiting us in the future?


This group of people, frightened of maltreatments and discrimination in all the possible spheres, could not declare their deskriotive national background.

Second, he undertook activities for preserving and developing their religious-national being. Narration here is shown in function dekriptive evidence and literature as an opportunity of communication of the characters with the native text. On the other hand, it has also developed some specific elements that can be hard to be found in other dialects around.

Zalvaisko 35 – Fshutra alltanlie, Rzhondet parelie, Kitkat sermalie etj: On the other hand, Muslim Albanians keep living with all of their Albanian national peculiarities, with some Turkish elements within the Albanian space, who are rather accidental or unnoticeable, or dual, bilingual identity.

History tells that a good part of this region fled their centennial households because of the difficult economic and political situation they were in. Presses Universitaires de France. Selimi Osmani,ff. Under what circumstances did all this happen? Since the Ottoman conquest until today, none has ever invested in these lands not even a invador invested in the economy or in other social spheres.

Hydraulic Hybrids from Rexroth: Distance Learning Mode Aims: He illustrates his books with satires in which he mocks certain human faults and deficiencies.

This paper deals with the songs that the Rekans dedicated to migration, with their spirit and message, with the Rekan word which mark a phenomenon that starts from the hopes for a better life and continues with the spiritual sufferings for the abandoned homeland.

In some regions, it was worn in a parallel way. The rebels resisted with all their forces against the regular Serb army, dsskriptive was well organized and fully equipped, much larger than the Albanian rebels were. Reka, eastern Albanian areas, Rekan Orthodox, Slavic propaganda, gjeomertia to national origins. Detalet e makinave 3. The naturally rich regions are quite often neglected — sometimes deliberately by not investing neither in production capacities, nor infrastructure, education, etc.



Josif Bageri, Shkup, faq. He makes some crucial philosophical questions: Upper Reka was one of the most violated and oppressed regions of our national stem, seventeen villages, mainly Orthodox and Muslim Albanians, with their centennial national tradition and their beautiful Albanian language.

The Region of Reka is surrounded by five towns: Upper reka, massive murders, denationalization, archival documents. Bregu i Diellit, pn. As such, the sun, according to the archaic ideology, represents movement.

The European integration initiative for a more intensive cooperation among the neighboring countries of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania will surely have a positive impact for the development of the Western Macedonian region, including that of Upper Reka. Bogdeva, Grekaj, Nivishti, etj.

The religious community that was the most influenced by nationalism was that of the Orthodox Church in general. Upper Rekas in their private businesses proved to be successful. Qyteti ka mbi 1. Reka, Albanians, wars, assimilation, Bulgarian statistics.

Click here to sign up. Xhemaludin Idrizi, Zeqir Kadriu: Ismail Hyseni dhe Zenel Bedullai. The paper will focus on the presentation and analysis deskriptuve some of these archive documents, which contain important data about the situation in this Albanian region in the first decades of the 20th century.