Global System for Mobile Communications – Railway (GSM-R) is a radio communication system offering a wide range of voice and data services needed for. This group was named “Groupe Spéciale Mobile” and the system name GSM arose. This abbreviation has since been interpreted in other ways. This group was named “Groupe Spéciale Mobile” and the system name GSM arose. This abbreviation has since been interpreted in other ways, but the most.

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An example of this is the use of facsimile in PSTN. It is certainly a paradox that the network should be large enough sufficient coverage and quality and small enough cost efficient at the same time. Each PCM channel timeslot has 2 bits of information. They are used to set up a point to point connection. Parameters that can be used as a basis for charging the subscribers are shown in the following list: Both the mobile station and base transceiver station know gdm bits and by analysing how the radio propagation affects these training bits, the air interface is mathematically modelled as a filter.

After the installation work has been completed, the radio environment sysrta to be measured and tested to ensure its proper operation and coverage before putting it into use. IMSI and last location update time. In the broadest sense of the concept, any subscriber action that uses the facilities provided and supported by the GSM system can be categorised as a service. Fault management provides the network operator with information about the current status of alarm events and maintains a history database of alarms.

Registering into a hotel The professor appears to have his visa expiring soon, so the receptionist decides to call the office that has released the passport presumably an embassy. Roaming agreements between several operators were established. However, what if these tasks were to be distributed among many different computers? It is also quite useful at special sites such as underground. Connection of the speech path is completed and the called party is alerted.

These are the database related units. Since the roaming number is temporary, it is available for establishing another traffic connection after the call has been set up. Handover due to measurements occurs when the quality or the strength of the radio signal falls below certain parameters specified in the BSC.


In order to set up the connection, we first have to understand how the subscriber is located. However, each message could reach the destination signalling point by using different paths. They are sgm bi-directional and point to point channels. As the SIM has or it should have exactly the same algorithms as used in vsm triplet generation on the network side, the RAND number that the SIM receives and inserts to the algorithm should produce exactly the same SRES value as the one generated on the network side.

SYSTRA Training Document | Muhammad Suleman Khan –

If a fading dip occurs at the position of one antenna, the other antenna will still be able to receive the signal.

Already in this first planning step, site acquisition management must be involved, as it is necessary to identify the potential sites at an early stage. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the competitors’ networks and compare them with the own network.

In the following, we shall take a closer look at three different areas of network planning, namely Switching Network planning, Cellular Transmission Network planning and Radio Network planning. Charging in GSM networks follows similar principles to that used in fixed telephone networks. In this case, the handover process is carried out by the MSC, but the decision to make the handover is still done by the first BSC.

After the network has been dimensioned, systda detailed plan is made with a number of inputs, for instance Data Communications Network DCN settings towards the NMS, network diagrams, the synchronisation plan, a detailed routing plan, digit analysis, detailed signalling, numbering and charging plans, etc. Which of the following are dedicated channels? Simulated cellular radio network planning The omnidirectional BTS is not as popular as the sectorised alternatives.

We will take a closer look at two basic subsystems in the GSM network: As you can see from the picture below, there are gssm different types of BTS configurations, omnidirectional, 2 sectorised and 3 sectorised BTSs. If the mobile station was asked to broadcast its Ki, this would undermine the principle of authentication, because identification data would be sent across the air.

As a result of a successful registration, the network sends the mobile station two zystra that are stored in the SIM Subscriber Identity Module card of the mobile station. The army consists of soldiers and officers. It can seem to be an inexpensive way of gathering sysfra, but do consider that large resources are engaged when customer calls are followed up problem identification and location.


A VLR database is always temporary in the sense that the data is held as long as the subscriber is within its service areawhereas the HLR maintains a permanent register of the subscribers. Its main function is to provide virtual connections and connectionless signalling. The story of the professor visiting hotels bears a striking resemblance to the users and functions of a mobile GSM network. In order to succeed, detailed information about the network is needed, such as growth estimates, protection, available and needed infrastructure, plus goals for quality and performance.


Moreover, there is a need to create eystra for routing, protection, synchronisation and switch management. Therefore, a person who has access to a GSM mobile phone and wishes to make a call is trying to access the speech service provided by the system. This acts like a flag for the mobile stations and enables them to find the TRX among several TRXs, which contains the broadcast transmission.

Signalling towards subscribers Collecting dialled numbers Collecting charging data Gsn for a free circuit Making speech path connections Signalling towards other exchanges Analysing and subscriber data Supervising the processes running Collecting statistical data Figure The following sections give a brief overview of different generations of Systrra.

It is only needed in big exchanges. The modems are located in the MSC. It is a downlink, point to point channel. Fax, data and SMS roaming was implemented. In city areas, cells are usually smaller than in the countryside.

Nokia Networks’ liability for any errors in the document is limited to the documentary correction of errors.

One important task is to choose between leased lines and microwave links. The conversation, which is the primary task, and what went on behind the scene to make the conversation successful.