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English, A4 size, 2 p. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. With this purpose, a Monte Carlo code was adapted to simulate an X-ray source irradiating phantoms of the MIRD-5 type with different ages 10, 15 and 40 years old to calculate the conversion coefficients which transform the exposure at skin to equivalent doses at several organs and tissues of interest. Ces dosimetres contiennent les memes feuilles d’elements que les dosimetres a film et constituent un second moyen d’estimer la dose recue par les personnes.

Os processos empregados no tratamento foram: Internet Ambiant, Chapter 8, pp. V, and Costa, L.

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This paper describes this checklist, its effectiveness and acceptance of this by members of the team. The purpose of this paper is to propose an algorithm for the calculation of steam generators efficiency, easy to understand and carry out, in the form of a series of steps to be followed. The increasing utilization of oral X-rays, especially in youngsters and children, calls for the assessment of equivalent doses in their organs ros tissues.

EJ trabajo fundamentalmente se ha realizado en tres etapas: A numerical example is given. The first one was carried out by means of two lots, using matraces kitazatos of crystal with a capacity of 1 liter, as deposit of the mixture water – excrement. Clasificador neuronal de fallos en rodamientos utilizando entradas basadas en transformadas wavelet packet y de Fourier. Costa and Otto Carlos M.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Five specimens of each material were made. Portuguese, A4 size, 1 p. Radiopacity of restorative materials using digital images Radiopacidade de materiais restauradores utilizando imagens digitais.

The energy efficiency of an electric system depends in great extent of the reactive power compensation that is carried out. The transformed Z like as an operational method can be used in the resolution of equations in finitedifferences; which formulate the dynamics of the systems of data control samples. The aim of this study was to evaluate the shear bond strength of the Transbond XT and Concise Orthodontics composites using the Ortho Primer adhesion booster.


An updating of the neutronic calculations performed at the RA-0 reactor, located at the Natural, Physical and Exact Sciences Faculty of Cordoba National University, are herein described. Por lo tanto, un enfoque basado en aprendizaje a partir de ejemplos parece mas adecuado.

Therefore, the validations of the Monte Carlo models are reliable. Evaluation and temporal evolution of image quality and its dosimetric effect on the dose distributions calculated on megavoltage CT images from tomotherapy unit; Evaluacion y evolucion temporal de la calidad de imagen y su impacto dosimetrico en el calculo de distribuciones realizadas sobre imagenes de megavoltaje de la unidad de tomoterapia.

The main results of this work focused on the ability of the algorithm to find the set of efficient solutions and reduced simulation time. Full Text Available The generation and availability of football data has increased considerably last decades, mostly due to its popularity and also because of technological advances.

It is presented in this work values determined of viscosity in experimental form by means of the technique of inclined plane. Portuguese, A4 size, 23 p. English, A4 size, 53 p. igeo-server.igeoufrj.br

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Neste caso, deve-se calcular adequadamente as medidas de volatilidade para que realmente o risco seja percebido pelo operador. The process was monitored by periodic analysis of the concentrations of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, alkalinity, chemical oxygen demand COD and pH. The results of this research show that there is a need for optimization in those procedures, specially the ones that involve older equipment.

Podemos realizar una buena estimacion de la incertidumbre concentrando el esfuerzo en las mayores contribuciones. Utilizando a Maquinaria Celular. Several studies using scanning electron microscope have sos developed to study that wax. In this work dose profiles are calculated that are obtained modeling treatments of radiosurgery with the Leksell Gamma Knife. The main objective of this work is to be able concursow calculate in a correct and practical way the one time that the treatment of ocular brachytherapy should last to reach the dose prescribed by the doctor.


The use of molecular markers may serve to direct crossings, new hybrids and mutants, besides confirm and identify new genotypes for commercial purposes.

English, A4 size, pp. A PDT apresentou atividade antimicrobiana contra a cepa de K. Esta tecnica exige disponer de una fuente de suficiente intensidad y de un detector eficaz debido a la brevedad del ige-server.igeo.ufrj.br de trabajo escasa anchura de las rafagas para la resolucion del tiempo de moderacion y amplio intervalo entre los.

En determinadas publicaciones, estos aspectos se tratan de forma independiente. The system was composed of two reactors with continuous flow operated in series: La comparaison entre les valeurs calculees et les valeurs mesurees des parametres, tels que le coefficient thermique, l’efficacite des barres de controle et la masse critique, presente aussi de l’interet pour evaluer le degre de confiance que l’on peut accorder aux calculs des bureaux d’etudes.

Finally, a motor of induction of real characteristics is simulated, assuming it is connected to a three-phase voltage source. O teste de IFA detectou mais amostras reagentes, sendo igeo-seever.igeo.ufrj.br resultados diferentes foram observados de acordo com o isolado de SRLV empregado. Los algoritmos dados fueron implementados en el lenguaje ensamblador del TMSF In order to study the radiation dosimetry in the patient and radiological protection for the attending staff for this therapy, radiation dose distributions for monoenergetic electrons and photons at nine discrete energies were calculated for blood vessels of diameter 0.

Por otra parte, con las condiciones de frontera impuestas al modelo, se calcularon las distribuciones de las temperaturas y presiones sobre el perfil aerodinamico de la paleta de la tobera. A numerical investigation has been conducted to study the turbulent flow and the heat transfer in a blade turbine coolant passage involving a degrees turn. Los principales metodos numericos mas igeo-server.igeo.ufrj.b en la actualidad son tres, metodo por diferencias finitas, metodos igeo-server.igeo.ugrj.br elementos finitos y metodo por volumenes finitos.