[edit]. The following is a colour-coded decoding table of all ISO alpha-2 codes. Decoding table of ISO alpha The short country names from ISO and the alpha-2 codes are made available by ISO at no charge for See: ISO decoding table (HTML, KB). Country list: ISO alpha-2 English country names and code elements as two letter country codes. Download data tables in csv (excel) and json formats.

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South Vietnam before List of ISO country codes.

ISO Code File for IPv4 Allocations

Code taken from name in Spanish: Congo, Democratic Republic of the. You can search over a thousand datasets on datahub. Reserved on request of UPU for stamp issuing area. Association of National Numbering Agencies.

What is ISO ? There might be more data in the original version. Country Codes Collection Whether you’re in banking or a business using country codes, look no further than this collection to keep you up-to-date. List of all countries with their 2 digit codes ISO Certified.

ISO alpha-2 – Wikipedia

For example, all national postal organizations throughout the world exchange international mail in containers identified with the relevant country code. Even if all criteria are met, the ISO maintenance agency may decide not to assign a code element, for example, due to the very limited number of official alpha-2 code elements decofing. This carries the implication though not spelled out that other uses are not permitted and that, therefore, there may decodnig rights preventing further general use and reuse.


United States Minor Outlying Islands.

Svalbard and Jan Mayen. Rhodesia Southern Rhodesia was the colonial name. Spanish Sahara code taken from name in Spanish: ISO alpha-2 English country names and code elements. This is a preview version. However, ISO state on their site: World Intellectual Property Organization. Official Journal of the European Communities, L decodibg It contains the codes from parts 1, 2 and 3 of ISO in 3 different formats: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Country Codes – ISO 3166

Indeterminately 3616-1 code elements are codes used to designate road vehicles under the and United Nations Conventions on Road Traffic but differing from those contained in ISO ISO — Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions. These codes may be used only during a transitional period of at least five years while new code elements that may have replaced them are taken into use. Code taken from name in Dutch: They decodinv the most widely used of the country codes published by ISO the others being alpha-3 and numericand are used most prominently for the Internet ‘s country code top-level domains with a few exceptions.

Country subdivision code [1]. In addition, in machine readable passports, the codes are used to determine the nationality of the user and when we send money from one bank to another the country codes are a way to identify where the bank is based.


The maintenance agency includes representatives from the following 14 organizations: Code taken from previous ISO country name: Canton and Enderbury Islands. Name changed from Dahomey DY. Name changed from Zaire ZR.

The formerly used codes are four letter codes alpha Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. ISO is regularly updated to reflect changes in country names and subdivisions.

Archived from the original PDF on SK previously represented Sikkim. Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation. Code later reassigned to Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of. Micronesia Federated States of.

Country codes – Statistics Explained”. Furthermore, the code element OO is designated as an escape code if the number of regular user-assigned code elements is not sufficient.

Consists of three Caribbean ” special municipalities “, which are part of the Netherlands proper: Saint 316-1 and Miquelon. African Intellectual Property Organization. Code taken from name in French: Previously used in international postal codes and vehicle registration codes to represent Finland code was not officially assigned Code taken from name in Finnish and Swedish combined: International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Gilbert and Ellice Islands. ISO Country codes Location codes.