Volume 2 in the ‘Dev and Lee’ series picks up five minutes after ‘Out of Position’ ends. Having come out to the world, Dev thought his trouble would be over, but. Isolation Play picks up five minutes after Out of Position ends. The events at the end of Out of Position have put Dev and Lee in an awkward position. The athletic . Isolation Play: F.A.Q.. Sequel? Um, what’s “Out of Position”? Here, I have an info page about it here. What’s the sequel called? Isolation Play. Will any of the.

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All in all, I still recommend this book. I fell in love with Dev and Lee in Out of Position and really got to know them in this one. Lee is upset that he isn’t invited to play a quick game of basketball with the other guys, but the boys make up afterwards when they go back to Dev’s apartment.

: Books – Isolation Play

Isolation play left me feeling frustrated and bored. After the ;lay, Mikhail asks to meet Dev for dinner. Who are so well defined and feel so realistic it feels as if he’s plucked them from real life and put him in the pages of this wonderful novel. Dec 31, Elisa Rolle rated it it was amazing. They’ll need to deal with a kye,l reporter determined to get a story any way he can, furious parents, and hostile teammates–not to mention each other.

When Lee reveals his true identity, Hal leaves. I am not kylel fan of football, and, olay it’s predecessor, Out of Position, this book has not convinced me to pick up the game any time soon. Apr 14, Jess Candela rated it really liked it Shelves: Here, I have an info page about it here. Far better than its prequel.


I’m not sure if I’m going to read the third book after this During a game against the Gateway Tornados, Dev is pushed over and cracks his ribs, but helps the Firebirds block a kick later on. The scene at Gerrard’s house is the most enjoyable sequence of the book, devoid of tedious drama.

Are Kory and Samaki in it? I blog at http: Thanks to Izolation self defense classes, he accidentally throws Mikhail off and hits his head on a toolbox.

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Isolation Play

We travel a lot, too, mostly around the West Coast, but occasionally to the midwest and east. Out of all the stories I’ve read that’s from the fandom, I can easily put this in the top three and I look forward into re-reading it.

Dev quickly pieces together that Mikhail made good on his threat and told the Dragons about their relationship. They have started to realize that what told have with each other iolation special and important and worth dealing with the hate and bigotry of thousands. Once the doors open, Dev pushes Lee back into the elevator and tearfully kisses him. Lee tries to talk to his father, Brenly, about him bringing Dev go,d for Thanksgiving but is turned down.

May 16, F. What’s the sequel called? Book name “Isolation play kyell gold” and book name “Out of Position kyell gold” that’s all. His mother, Duscha, gets along with Lee great, but Lee has trouble connecting with Dev’s father, Mikhail, over dinner. Mar 24, David rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved from ” http: He loves to travel and dine out with his partner of many years, Kit Silver, and can be seen at furry conventions in California, around the country, and abroad.

The Firebirds travel to New Kestle for a game against them. Isolation Play is the eagerly awaited sequel to the best-selling novel Out of Position and picks up Dev and Lee’s story about five minutes after the end of the first book. I wanted to toss the book across the room from just how repetitive that was. This brings me to the writing, which I also thought had matured.


Most of the conflict feels like tedious drama, and is ultimately just a mere misunderstanding that could be resolved by two people sitting down and talking. The next morning, Lee tells Dev that he got fired because of an anonymous tip.

Will he be traded? I used to tell people to read “Out of Position”. He was the driving force of the conflict previously, and I just do not buy that his character would go away never to be heard isolstion again. I didn’t get as engrossed in this one as the first.

But then he wasn’t really that developed as is. User Review – Flag as inappropriate i love this book and the first one to there amazing.

This is the first book, not downloaded, that I’ve bought in over a year. Everything that happened in the story is believable. A bit more depressing than the first book, lots less fun lovey bits, but a good more mature representation of the struggles portrayed in the prior novel. I love when books allow paly to connect with the characters in a way that make you feel like you’re not just watching their story unfold, you’re experiencing life with them!

I also loved how the family conflicts came about The athletic tiger and his boyfriend Lee, a fox with a tongue as quick as his wit, still won’t get many breaks in their fight for understanding.