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The results showed also that direct seeding had the highest infestation by weeds in wheat crop compared to the other systems. This highlights the wide phenotypic variability observed for all measured parameters. Special thanks are extended to the to identify suitable sowing dates for wheat.

Others studies have reported that Vicia narbonenis L. Triticum durum ; F3 selection; path analysis; intergeneration correlation; parent-offspring regression; response; realized heritability. The low rainfall levels average mm year -1 and the low use of irrigation have resulted in an extensive conduct livestock.

Mac Key] under South Mediterranean Conditions. Indeed, the great phenological variability found among 15 ecotypes of the studied Vicia narbonenis L. Based on work done by ICARDA, the production of dry matter and protein obtained in the biennial rotation cereal-legume forage is important.

Accumulated rainfall total is clearly important in compared to June 17, Accepted: Planting was done manually by a device completely blocks-randomized with 3 replicates per block in a plot with previous crop as grain durum wheat. Journal of Agronomy, 9: Genotype x environment interactions and some considerations of their 4.


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Indeed, the speculative nature of the meat market Bahhady et al. In our study and according to visual observations, we found that most ecotypes of Vicia narbonenis L. Environmental factors limiting barley grain yield in the high iitgc of Eastern Algeria. Given this situation, the development of grasslands for forage crops is an important developmental field to support sustainable mixed grain and livestock systems.

Only Bousselam, Setifis and Massara ; while inMansoura and Moustakbel expressed above average grain yield under both were low yielding and Waha and Cyprus2 were high growth conditions of early and late seeding Figures yielding varieties data not shown. These results suggesting more reactive conditions under early suggested the potential of optimum planting date sowing. IPCA1, under early The ecotype is very early for the beginning of flowering, for full flowering, for the beginning of pods formation and for itbc maturity.

setuf Refoufi, ; Basford and Cooper, ; Anwar et Targeting high performing and stable genotypes al. Similar Articles in this Journal. L and Xue AG.

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Search in Google Scholar. Cultivation techniques, technical conventional-till, minimum tillage, wheat, soil, weeds. However, it has been established within the studied ecotypes that the best production of grain and dry matter is obtained by the late ecotypes in flowering and complete maturity because of the favourable rainfall conditions in late season. Two hundred seeds of each ecotype of Vicia narbonenis L.


High proportion of the barley cultivars grown in the Algerian high plateaus. Tolerance au gel apres acclimatation au froid chez le pois: Influence of agronomic factors on the relationship between forage production and seed yield in perennial forage grasses and legumes in a Mediterranean environment.

In addition, these ecotypes are early enough to escape the summer drought stress.

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In terms of quality seeds, the results indicate a wide variability within ecotypes; the high total nitrogen content in narbon vetch grains could be a source of supplementary animal feed in the semi-arid and arid areas. Variability in phenological development ittc production: The study of correlations between the date of flowering, fertility number of flowers per plantgrain yield and forage among ecotypes of Vicia narbonenis L.

Perspectives davenir de la jachere paturee dans les zones cerealieres semi-arides. Direct and correlated responses to F3-selection for biomass yield, spike number, harvest seif, kernel weight, plant height, days to heading and grain yield confirmed predictions drawn from intergeneration correlation and parent-offspring regression coefficients. Narbon bean a potential new grain legume for poultry.