Brainwashing has ratings and 31 reviews. Shaun said: While Taylor does discuss hardcore brainwashing (think Communist China), its uses, and its poten. Bringing together cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience, Kathleen Taylor puts the brain back into brainwashing and shows why. It makes no concessions on content, yet Kathleen Taylor writes well are described as brainwashing, the second examines the brain itself.

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Despite this variety, to date there has been one angle missing: It explains the neurological basis for reasoning txylor cognition in the brainand proposes that the self is changeable while describing the physiology of neurological pathways. The Science of Thought Control. Taylor is thorough and also points readers towards many interesting sources for more information.

Brainwashing – Kathleen Taylor – Oxford University Press

Animal testing Archival research Behavior epigenetics Case study Content analysis Experiments Human subject research Interviews Neuroimaging Observation Psychophysics Qualitative research Quantitative research Self-report inventory Statistical surveys.

For example, we tend to attribute our own akthleen or that of beainwashing members to internal factors ‘my skill got me that job’but an outgroup member’s success to external factors ‘the interviewer plays golf with his father’. The majority of the time he achieves with a fluid writing style that remains easily readable, though inevitably yaylor are some aspects that are difficult for the readers to get their heads around – and this is certainly true of his latest title Quantum Spacewhich takes on loop quantum gravity.

Mar 24, Sotiris Makrygiannis rated it liked it.


Maybe was branwashing first book so I added one more on my reading list. Jun 03, Shaun rated it it was amazing Shelves: Notes from the Frontiers of Neuroscience.

In a review of the book for The Daily Telegraph brainwshing, British doctor and science writer Brxinwashing Le Fanu was critical, and commented that Taylor did not acknowledge “the explanatory gap” between current understanding of the brain’s structure and “what it does, how we think, feel and emote”.


The Neurobiology of Addiction: Taylor also briefly talks about “mental illness” and “justified” brainwashing, as we as a society seem to agree that in certain circumstances, reprogramming brainwashing is not only warranted but absolutely ethical. Oct 26, Nina rated it it was ok. Deadly Companions Dorothy H. Nov 29, severyn rated it it was amazing. Am I brainwashing my friends and family correctly?

In elegant and accessible prose, and with abundant use of anecdotes and case-studies, she examines the ethical problems involved in carrying out the required experiments on humans, the limitations of animal models, and the frightening implications of such research.

This book was primarily for research purposes only. After reading this and many other books on the subject, I find myself feeling somewhat conflicted. Brainwashing was written two years earlier and is structured in much the same way: Far wider ranging and deeper than the title and subtitle suggest. My introduction to her was through reading Cruelty: I think the writer should have read a lot of boooks.

A true intellectual, she puts neuroscience into a cultural perspective, quoting American history, European literature and Greek philosophy with savvy ease. The Fragile Brain Kathleen Taylor. This is possibly one of the most important books I’ve read in a long while. God or the group? This book’s a keeper, and is a valuable resource to anyone, be they atheist, Christian, Muslim or believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Nov 04, Mizuki rated it liked it. More importantly, at least to me, she tends to focus those two things onto the darkest alleys of human existence — why people do bad things. In the Part I of the book, titled: History of Western Philosophy. The book assumes no particular knowledge of brain science, and so this section begins with a crash course on your brain.

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Kathleen Taylor, Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control – PhilPapers

I read this book for my fanfic-writing. New in Paperback Brainwashing The science kahhleen thought control Kathleen Taylor Oxford Landmark Science Discusses the history, sociology, and psychology of brainwashing, and links it with a fascinating and accessible account of the brain and neuroscience. Interesting overview of a complex and controversial topic, surveying both the literature and the science.

And the greatest shot we have at true freedom is to understand why.

Dawn Robinson – manuscript. Descriptions of how opinions can be changed, whether by persuasion, deceit, or force, have been almost entirely psychological. Perhaps I should have read it a few years ago She also suggests that cynicism and humour assist resisting influence – which is great, because being English we are endlessly cynical and like to use humour as a defence.

Brainwashing: The Science of Thought Control

Experiencing Art Arthur Shimamura. The birth of a word 2.

I found this book hard to read at first until I got used to the author’s style and began to figure out her goals. It is talor very difficult to change the route of the stream. Nov 12, Joshua rated it liked it. Webs and new worlds 9.

Jan 27, Ellen rated it it was ok. Here is a topic we all thought we understood but laid bare by cogent scientific argument made accessible for the lay reader or almost – there were a few very technical sections on the physics of the brain and its operations!