With Josh Grelle, Cherami Leigh, Robert McCollum, Mark Stoddard. Yagami Kazuma was part of a family of fire users, the Kannagi family. But with no talent in . Kazuma Yagami is the black sheep of the Kannagi family and the main male protagonist of the series. After serious training in China, he returns to Japan as an. Ayano Kannagi is the main female protagonist of the series. She is the future head of the Kannagi family, the inheritor of Enraiha and the daughter of the current.

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Retrieved 29 September Hiroshi Iida as Takashi Takamatsu ep Kazuma no longer desired power and along with working part-time at a restaurant with her, took up a job as a freelancerdoing simple odd jobs. Kousuke Toriumi as Yuuji Tsuwabuki.

Kaze no Stigma –

Masaki Terasoma as Juugo Kannagi. Takahiro Yamato Original Character Design: Sean Hennigan as Hyoue Kazamaki eps Theron Martin finds out if there’s anything special under Zillion’s charming cover. However, his personality began to turn for the good once again after returning to Japan and meeting Ayano. Yoshimi Hieda Sound Effects: Kazuma returns to his former home to consult with the head of the Kannagi. Miho Miyagawa as Madoka ep Ren 24 episodes, Cherami Leigh Kaze no Seikon, Stigma of the Wind.

Top 15 Best Anime Brothers.

Ayano Kannagi | Kaze no stigma Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Jun Fukuyama as Tatsuya Serizawa ep 9. Media Arts Database in Japanese.


The 2nd Runner BlazBlue: Ren and his friends encounter one of those “magicians” during one of their outings and are attacked by a fire-using one. Contents [ show ]. Soushi Shiihara Recording Assistant: As a result, Kazuma treats her to ramen instead.

stigm Edit Cast Series cast summary: Although he takes pride in his almost god-like power, Kazuma also knows his limits, being more than willing to ask others for help and acknowledging that, while he may be a Contractor, he’s not invincible. Kaze no Stigma is quite a fun and endearing anime despite the description of the manga as being significantly darker.

She’s brash, short-tempered, impetuous and easily as arrogant as her cousin.

He was banished from the family by his father after being defeated by Ayano during the successor ceremony for Enraihahis family’s sacred sword, due to his inability to use Enjutsu.

Chris Burnett as Kze A ep 1 Tsang ep Kazuma vows to bring him back.

However, sometimes Ayano feels jealous of him when Ren demonstrates techniques that she can’t kae or had no prior knowledge of. CanaanTrigunXam’d Streamed Oct 1, Twelve DVD compilations, containing two episodes of the anime, were released by Kadokawa in Japan, from 24 August to 25 July NipaahNyaa All reviews 90 people found this review helpful.

Kiyoko Yoshimura 5 episodes eps 4, 8, 14, Masashi Kubota 5 episodes eps 2, 10, 12, 16, 23 Mayori Sekijima 4 episodes eps 1, 9, 17, 24 Tatsuhiko Urahata eps13, 21 Tomoyasu Okubo 5 episodes eps 3, 11, 15, 20, 22 Storyboard: Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into the prestigious Onmyoji family, but can’t see “spirit energy”.


He is tall around 5’10 with brown hair, pale skin and orange-brown eyes, which turn blue when he uses his Contractor powers. Tsuruoka, Youta Sound Director.

Kanako Sakai as Ayumi Tsuwabuki. Eric Vale as Lai ep War on Geminar Anime Jan 14, The Wind Returns Alternative Names: This can be to her on, as she’ll often go and do what she believes to be right without learning the entire picture beforehand, and is very prone to jumping to conclusions. Osamu Hosoi as Terrorist.

Kazuma Yagami

Also known as The Legend of the Legendary heroes, follows three main characters: Daiki Matsubayashi as Pervert ep That’s not because they don’t exist, kkaze perhaps rather because there’s simply less of a spotli Due to this, Kazuma is able to draw upon the wind spirits around him, which amplifies his inherent powers, and allows him to heal his wounds.

Now, Kazuma must not only clear his name, but also aid the family he shares a mutual hatred with, in order to discover the true identity of the killer. He is not frozen, however.