Biography. Linus Torvalds created the Linux kernel and oversaw open source development of the widely-used Linux operating ds was born on. Linus Torvalds Biography – Linus Torvalds invented “Linux” Linus Torvalds is a Finnish American software engineer who developed the Linux operating system. Linus Torvalds is the software engineer who created the Linux kernel operating system. Read this biography to learn more about his childhood.

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It had an estimated 7 million users bya number which has steadily increased since then.

Linus Torvalds – Wikipedia

US However, he stated in that his own personal contribution is now mostly merging code written by others, with little programming. But torvalss has also created Gita version control system that is extensively used in software development worldwide. Notable contributors to the Linux operating system.

A Portable Operating System.

Linus Torvalds at Wikipedia’s sister projects. Linus Torvalds is the world’s most famous computer programmer and also its most famous Finn. They were to be used on a common x86 PC.

20 Facts About Linus Torvalds

In Torvalds used his savings to buy his first computer, a Sinclair QL. Linux is still young and poised for its greatest growth, and it still needs him. By that time he was already an accomplished programmer, and, naturally, he majored in computer science.


In fact, his public stance is so neutral that it has even been criticized by other free software advocates. Torvalds had a fairly conventional and happy childhood despite the fact that his parents were divorced when he was very young. Retrieved May 7, However, Lemmke created a directory for it called linux on his FTP file transfer protocol serverand thus Linux became the name of the system. Retrieved from ” https: A female student named Tove Monni completed the task by sending him an email asking him out on a date.

Created August 28, Although Torvalds grew up in a highly political environment, he claims to have absolutely no interest in politics. His family belongs to the Swedish-speaking minority. It gives people the excuse to say, ‘Oh, nature was just created,’ and so the act of creation is seen to be something miraculous.

Because university education in Finland is free and there was little pressure to graduate within four years, Torvalds decided to take a break and devote his full attention to his project. Thank you for your feedback. The Computer Pioneer Award was established in by the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors to recognize and honor the vision of those whose efforts resulted in the creation and continued vitality of the computer industry.


Linus Torvalds biography by The Linux Information Project

Many members of the family were journalists. His views appear to be quite mainstream for Europe, although they might biograpjy considered leftist in the U.

Archived from the original on June 26, Torvalds’ arrangement with Transmeta permitted him to devote part of his time to his Linux biogeaphy. Identify Singers By Eyes. Please try again later.

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For all of the above reasons, localized versions of Linux have become common in China and many other non-Western countries. Join our Mailing List by adding your email address below and be linuz up to date with lots of information including: Do you pine for the nice days of minix Retrieved February 15, In the army he held the rank of Second Lieutenantwith the role of a ballistic calculation officer.

Linus Torvalds is the software engineer who created the Linux kernel operating system.