Luxo Task Lights – Microscopes, Magnifiers, Task Lights / Lamps and Copyholders on Sale at the Test $). Luxo LS Series Task Lights LS1A LS2A LS1E. LS is Luxo’s most versatile and best-selling Industrial task light. As part of Luxo’s Classic Task Light Series, the LS couples classic styling with superior arm. LS-2/A. LS-1/E. LS-2/E. Black. (BK). White. (WT). Oyster. (OW). Light gray (LG). LS SERIES. Luxo’s premier incandescent series with two-conductor cord set, 45″ .

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I we acknowledge and agree that the terms of this Subscription Agreement include only those terms on the Subscription Agreement and those speci?

Please refer to the Plan of Distribution in the prospectus for eligibility. Governmental Pension or Pro?

Providing the finest test equipment solutions since 1992

The terms of the offering set forth in the Prospectus cannot be altered by this Subscription Agreement. Name of Deceased Luxp Any additional terms added to the Subscription Agreement by hand or otherwise are void and of no effect. State of Sale 2.

LS – Luxo Corporation

Phone eb Site E-mail Investor Co-Investor a I have we have received l2a copy of the? The purpose of this Supplement is as follows:.


Filed pursuant to b 3. Investor Name Subscription Agreement 3. Please mail completed Subscription Agreement ith all signatures and check s payable to: Include copy Required for custodial ownership accounts. Unless otherwise defined herein, capitalized terms used in this Supplement shall have the same meanings as in the Prospectus. Subscribers should read the Prospectus in ljxo entirety.

Investor Name Subscription Lluxo 6. In order to induce the Company to accept this subscription, I we hereby represent and warrant that: In addition, my our total investment in the shares of Industrial Property Trust or any of its af? As described above, we are no longer required to deposit offering proceeds in an escrow account.

Update to the Subscription Agreement. Mailing Address Name of Executor Include a copy of the court appointment dated within 90 days. In addition, I we have a net worth of at least ten times my our investment in the shares of Industrial Property Trust. You ill receive a con?

Please initial if you agree. Investor Name Subscription Agreement 9.

Except in the case of? Accordingly, the subscription agreement beginning on page B-1 of the Prospectus is hereby deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following subscription agreement, which reflects the removal of references to our escrow account:. As of February 26,we had raised sufficient offering proceeds to satisfy the minimum offering requirements for Ohio. You must cross out item 2 above if you have been noti?


Industrial Property Trust Inc. In the event that the DRP is not offered for a distribution, your In the event that the DRP is not offered lx2a a distribution, your distribution will be sent by check to the address in section 3. To provide an update on the status of our initial public offering; and. Accordingly, we are no longer required to deposit offering proceeds in an escrow account.

In the case of joint investors, each investor must initial. The Internal Revenue Service does not require your consent to any provision of this document other than the certi? All references in the prospectus to offering proceeds being held in an escrow account until the minimum offering requirements have been met are hereby deleted. Status of Our Initial Public Offering.